Am I Gay?


4. Chapter 4


Finn's P.O.V.


I sigh as I sit down on a bench near the cafeteria. I have a small tray of food next to me so no one would sit next to me as I wanted to be alone. I feel as if I am punishing myself. I hate when I hurt someone in anyway. I wish I never said anything other then "Okay". But I was worried about Leo. I put my hands on my face as I look down. "Why am I acting like this..." I say quietly to myself. I then feel someone tap my shoulder and I look up to see Leo. I was a little surprised because I thought he was in the cabin. "Are y-you al-alright?" He asked me concerned. I move my tray so he can sit down as I try to act okay. "I'm fine. But are you okay?" I ask wondering if he is okay from about what I said. "Y-yeah I'm fine I-I just o-over reacted." I smile as I'm relieved knowing he is okay. "It's good that you're okay and sorry." He looks down. "I-It's fine." He still looks upset so I wondered why did he say he was fine if he still seems upset? I sigh as I'm confused. I then look at him and ask. "Wanna head back to the cabin?" He looks at me and says. "Sure i-if you w-want t-to." I get up holding my tray and say. "I'm going to bring my food with me and eat there." He nods and starts walking back and I follow close behind. 


Leo's P.O.V.


I got over about what he said pretty quick. I get bullied a lot so I'm used to it. But for some reason when he was about to say that I need to eat because I look so thin and all that it was different. I should be over the bullying but I don't know why at that moment I got upset. Well I mean I get upset every time I get bullied but I don't really show. I just don't get it. 


We get back to our cabin and I open the door and Finn walks in. I close the door and sit on my bed. I grab my book and read quietly. I then get distracted from my reading as I hear Finn eating carrots. The sound got annoying as I sit up looking annoyed. He then purposely takes another bite and chewed it as loud as he could. I sigh. "Really?" He smiles and says. "Yep." He then stopped after. I go back to my reading. 


Awhile later it starts getting late as I put my book down and I get up to get clothes to change into something more comfortable. I then look at Finn while walking to the small bathroom in our cabin and see he was taking his shirt off. I blush but I keep walking and go in the bathroom. I slap myself not wanting to blush. I thought why am I blushing! He is a guy. I sigh. I then change into a t-shirt and pajama bottoms. I walk out of the bathroom at the worst time as Finn was just in his boxers and was putting on pants. I blush and look down. I walk back into the bathroom and as I'm about to close the door he says. "It's okay, we're both guys." I stay in the bathroom not talking. He sighs and put on his pants and comes to the door. "Why are you acting like that? It's not the end of the world." I don't say anything as I'm still blushing. He goes to his bed as I walk to mine and cover myself with the worst blanket in the world. I stay under the blanket until I fall asleep.


 I wake up still under the blankets as I hear someone touching my stuff. I didn't know what they were touching but I was pretty sure it was Finn. I peek out of a small hole in the blanket and see Finn reading my diary?! I then move the blanket and hit his arm and grab my diary. He looks a little surprised probably because he didn't know I was awake. "S-sorry..." He says. "W-what were y-you d-doing reading m-my diary?!" He sighs and says. "I wanted to know more about you. And reading that just made me feel really bad for you." I thought for a second. He probably found out about the bullying and my mom. Then he says. "And I have a question for you." I look at him and say. "Okay w-what?" He looks at me thinking of what he is going to say then says. "Are you gay?" I blush and look down. "Um I-I don't know..." He sits down next to me on my bed and looks me in the eye. "It's okay if you are. There is nothing wrong with it. And I don't think you know but I'm gay myself." I look surprised as I would've never thought he was gay. I really have never thought about my sexuality. So right now I don't know what to say. "I-I don't know m-my sexuality really..." He smiles. "That's okay if you don't know, but you should get some sleep, and sorry for reading your diary." I look down and say. "O-okay, i-it's fine..." I lay down as he gets off my bed and goes to his. I put my face in my pillow and think "Am I gay?..." 

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