Am I Gay?


3. Chapter 3

When me and Finn get to our assigned cabin he lets go of my hand and I was blushing lightly and I think he noticed as he looked at me. I put back in my earbuds just not wanting to do anything. I then feel Finn push me lightly and he says, "Come on and bring your stuff inside." I sigh and then walk into the cabin. I look around and sigh longer than before as the cabin was dirty. I hated when things were dirty. So I set my stuff down on one side and started cleaning. 


Finn looks at me confused. "Why are you cleaning?" I look over at him while taking out one earbud and say. "I-I hate w-when t-t-things are dirty." I then put it back in my ear and listen to music while I'm cleaning up a bit. When the place looked better I then started unpacking my stuff from my bag which was organized neatly. I only take out my books, tablet, and a few other things that I would need. I was pretty sure that activities started tomorrow so I sit down on my bed and go on my phone. This is so boring I thought.


"Are you gonna come for dinner?" Finn walks to the door to the cabin. I take out my headphones and look at him. "Huh?" "Dinner should be starting in the cafeteria soon. Wanna come with me?" I wasn't hungry, and I'm normally never hungry as I learned to not eat much because of my mom, and I could bet a million dollars the food is crap. "Um, n-no I'm n-not h-hungry." He looks at me a little worried. "Are you sure? You should eat, you look like you ne-" Before he finishes his sentence I already know what he would say as I already have a upset face. He opens the door and before he walks out he says. "See you later then... S-sorry." I look down. I know it wasn't that mean but I always over react. I then lay down and look at the ceiling. "T-this sucks."

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