Am I Gay?


2. Chapter 2

Today has to be one of the worst days ever. My mom is making me go to this summer camp, and she didn't tell me about it until the last minute. I get really annoyed by her sometimes. And the worst part is I don't have friends, which means I'm going to have to go alone. Also no one likes to talk to me. So I've got to say my life is just perfect. This is going to be the worst summer ever.


I got lost in my thoughts while packing for camp as my mother came in and slapped me. "What are you doing Leo! Finish getting packed you're leaving in 5 minutes!" I look at her and nod. "S-sorry." I then hurry and finish getting packed.


I don't get it. Why does my mother slap me. I'm freaking 17 and I don't think I should get hit like that. I may have some problems where I don't act my age but I can't control that. It's her fault for it anyway. From the abuse I had as a child, and still do, I can have break downs or just cry randomly. And when someone sees that they say "Stop acting like a child! You are almost a adult!" I just wish I could be a different person sometimes. 


I bring my bag to the door and open it. I sigh, knowing my mother won't say anything at all. "B-bye mom I-I'm leaving." She just sits at the table writing emails. She doesn't even care, she just wants to get rid of me by sending me to this stupid summer camp. I then walk out the door waiting for the bus. Once it comes I get on and sit in the back alone. I put in my earbuds and listen to my music.


The ride felt like it was taking forever, as I had little patients for everything. Then someone came and sat by me. I didn't realize that the whole front of the bus was full and I guessed he wanted to sit some place where it was somewhat quiet.  I look at him. At first I think 'he looks kinda cute'. Then I want to slap myself. What am I thinking!? I then stop thinking about everything to try and relax while listening to my music. I move my lips to the lyrics, at least I thought I was...


"You're really good at singing." He looks at me and smiles while he says that. I was a little shocked as I didn't realize I was singing out loud. I blush and say. "T-thanks..." I always talk in a stutter. It can get hard to talk sometimes because of it. "So, what's your name?" He asks me smiling. I take out my earbuds and look at him. "M-my name i-i-is Leo." He looks me in the eyes while we're talking, which no one does, it makes me happy, but I don't show it. "My name is Finn, it's nice to meet you." I was a little surprised as he didn't make fun of my stutter, I don't say anything for a few second he then says. "By the way, I think your name is cute." I blush then look the other way looking down. "T-thanks, a-and it's nice t-t-to meet y-you too..." Did he really just say that!? I'm surprised no one has ever talked to me like that...


That thought stayed in my head the rest of the ride. It just wouldn't go away. Then when it was time to get off Finn stayed next to me. Right away we started getting put into pairs of two. They put me and Finn in a group. I didn't hear what it was for though. Then Finn grabbed my hand and started going to a cabin. I then figured out what was going on. We are sharing a cabin!? I don't think this is going to end out well...

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