The skinny Kind of Beautiful

People call me fat. People call me lazy. Then as I put all the pieces together, I realize what I need to do to change.


6. Troubled bad girl

 I walked slowly and peacefully on the curb. The sounds of overjoyed laughter and sirens annoyed my ears, but I didn't mind it at all. They were everyday noises. I took a deep breath. The air smelled like peaches. There was overjoyed laughter from where I was headed.
​"Hey, you," a girl said. I turned my head. There was a group of three, a girl and to boys. They were leaning against a bakery wall. "Wanna come hang? We're about to head someplace." I shook my head. "No, actually, my parents are waiting for me." Actually, that was a lie. I didn't have any friends,  and my parents don't care where I go or how long I stay out. "She needs help with... cooking. She's pregnant, and stuff."
​"Are you sure?" she said, stepping up. "because Dingo here is a real lie detector, and he can spot any liar around here." she walked to me. I got a better look at her. She had dirty blonde frizzy hair and she was almost as skinny as my palsy doll. "So," she said, getting real up in my face. "you gonna tell the truth, or not?" I sighed. "My mom isn't pregnant," I whispered. "and they aren't waiting for me. They don't care where I go, or how long I stay out." she breathed in my face. "then how come you'd try to ditch us?"
​"I don't have any friends," I hesitated. "I don't know anything about friends. Doesn't your parents worry, or something?" I sounded worried or something, because she just rolled her eyes. "We don't have ​parents, Barbie," she said, staring at my stomach. "they'd gave us up on the streets a couple years ago. It's just me, Dingo, and Snuffy." she turned around to look at them. "What's your name?" I didn't feel comfortable giving strangers my name, so I just said, "Penelope."
​"Oh," she said, raising up a finger. "Did I forget to mention? I'm also a lie detector." she sniffed in my face. "Now who are you?" I sighed. "Kathryn," I said. "now what's yours?"
​"If I didn't give it, I don't want you to have it," she said, lazily swinging her his to the side and giving me the zombie eye-roll. "Now, do you want to come with me, or not?"

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