The skinny Kind of Beautiful

People call me fat. People call me lazy. Then as I put all the pieces together, I realize what I need to do to change.


4. perfection

 "Welcome to My video clip," a skinny girl said. "My name is Landry. Do you have anorexia? If so, that's a problem. You are in grave danger. Many people die from anorexia every year. I used to have anorexia. It does not feel good. I had anorexia in seventh grade because people picked on my weight. This is how I looked then." she pulled up a picture of a pudgy girl wearing a cherokee skirt and a sweater. I almost puked. "yep, that was me. But by the time I turned 16, I looked like this:" she pulled up another picture of a girl who was so skinny she looked like my Barbie doll. she had on a black coat and jeans, which she was holding up. Almost everybody gagged and groaned in disgust. I thought she looked beautiful. "One night I was sleeping," she continued. "and I had a heart attack right there in my bed. If my cousins weren't sleeping over in my room that night, I surely would've died. After that, I started to eat again, and I turned out skinny. And, better yet, people don't judge me anymore." then the click flipped and on turned a white screen. Then a fat huge body pulled up. "this is what you shouldn't be," a man's voice said on the screen. "you could have heart attacks, heart aches, legs and feet swells, and more. But, you shouldn't think the wrong way. If you get Anorexia, you get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until you barely have any fat anymore." as he said the words smaller, ​the body suddenly showed inside of it and the fat started disappearing one by one. "you eat to live. But without your functional needs, your IQ goes smaller and smaller and smaller and ​smaller, ​and your hormones grow. After a while your heart stops because your too weak and you die. Anorexia is a lot harder than you think." then the video ended. Everyone clapped as I sat there, thinking about that girl when she was sixteen.
​"Miss Willis?" a cheerleader said politely, raising her hand. "I think someone in this class might have anorexia."
​ Uh oh. My stomach churned in fear. Mrs. Willis leaned across her desk and raised her eyebrows. "Oh?" she said suspiciously. "and who might that be?"
She pointed to me. "her," she said.

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