The skinny Kind of Beautiful

People call me fat. People call me lazy. Then as I put all the pieces together, I realize what I need to do to change.


3. movie clip

 I sat in the classroom, dazed and spinning all over. I couldn't feel my body. I am sure it is dead. Before class started, the teacher walked up to me in worry.
"Kathryn, are you alright?" she asked me, touching my blue eye. "you must've got beaten up pretty bad." I nodded my head and covered my face with my hand, looking the other way. "You really need to go to the nurse's office, Miss Halloway," she said, turning her face to look at me. "or otherwise, I will call your parents myself and you can explain this to your parents." she watched me as I stood up and walked to the nurses office.
​"Well, lucky for you, it's just a bruised eye and a lump on your head," she told me after I got there. "no head trauma, no broken bones, no missing teeth... after you eat, you'll be just fine." she handed me a pack of crackers. I shook my head. "No," I said, shoving it away. "I'm kinda... on a diet." she put the crackers back and handed me an apple. "No, I'm not that hungry right now. Actually, you know, I gotta go," I said, looking at my watch, even though I knew that the teacher said that I can take all the time that I need. But, technically, I wasn't lying, because I didn't need this time. I jumped off the counter and left.
​'Are you feeling okay, Miss Halloway?" the teacher said, staring at me. Everyone turned to look at me. "I'm fine, Mrs. Willis," I said, sitting down. A few of the cheerleaders snickered and rolled their eyes at the sight of my bruised eye. "Today, we are going to learn about anorexia," Mrs. Willis explained. "Anorexia is the most common disease to teens. Many do it because of past bullying, weight gain, or they just don't feel perfect enough. It can happen to ages 13 to 22. Anybody in this class can have Anorexia. 7 out of 10 people claim they have anorexia because of troubled presents or pasts. Everybody has to deal with pain in different ways.
​"This video I am about to show you," she explained some more. "tells you how Anorexic people's life is every day. You might find some things shocking." she said that last part like it was a scary movie. Suddenly the lights were off and the movie began.

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