The skinny Kind of Beautiful

People call me fat. People call me lazy. Then as I put all the pieces together, I realize what I need to do to change.


1. 3rd grade

​I sat on the swings as a bunch of girls were exchanging Barbie dolls and teddy bears across from me. It looked pretty fun from my angle, but I couldn't take the chance of asking them if I could play, too. 'ask them, Kathryn, ask them'  I kept thinking, but the words couldn't come out right.
​ Finally, after finding the right words to say, I walked to them and held my breath. "Hi, my name is Kathryn Halloway, and can I play with you? It looks pretty fun."
​ Most of the girls giggled. A girl, who looks like Goldilocks, rolled her eyes as she smoothed a dolls hair. "We don't play with fatties, Kathryn," she said meanly. "so why don't you go eat a hot dog, or something?" All the girls laughed and giggled and said 'yeah' in unison.
​"But, I am not fat," I said, my eyes swelling up with tears. "See?" I pulled up my shirt to show them how skinny I was.
​"All we see is fat, Kathryn," Goldilocks said, rolling her eyes some more. "Now, go!"
"Please, I--" I stuttered.
​"Fatty! Fatty!" Goldilocks screamed, and she threw a Barbie doll at me. Then all the girls chimed in and started throwing Barbie dolls at me.
​I cried. I ccouldnt see them clearly from all the tears, but I know that they were coming more and more towards me. So before they could do anything else, I picked up a Barbie doll and ran.


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