A Lost Universe. (Gaster!Sans Story)

Carmen has been working on her teleportation experiment for almost a year now. Finally she gets it working but something goes wrong. Now here she is waking up in a desolate underground with unknown creatures and a mysterious skeleton. What could go wrong next?


1. The experiment gone wrong

“Alphys, is this really a good idea?” Sans asked for about the fifteenth time.

I gave a carefree chuckle, “I’ll be fine Sans! I did all the calibrations myself. Everything should be perfectly safe.”

“And what if it’s not Carmen?” He shot back immediately, “You and I both know calibrations aren’t always right!”

I went over and leaned down to hug him tightly, “C’mon Sans. I’m 22 years old. I can make my own decisions.” I pulled back to give him a grin, “So if I choose to be part of my own experiment then that’s what I choose.”

He sighed deeply, “I guess I really can’t stop you then… Once you’ve set your mind to something there’s no changing it.” He looked at me seriously, “Just be careful okay?”

I winked playfully, “I’m always careful.”

He gave a disbelieving snort, “Sure you are.”

Alphys smiled, “W-Well, why don’t we g-get going then?”

I nodded at her before typing a few things into the machine. I stepped into the pod and gave a thumbs up to Sans.

He hesitated before pressing the big blue button next to the control panel. I heard the machine whirring to life. I saw flashes of blue artificial magic start to appear around me. Everything was going good until suddenly the machine started to shake and release steam from its cracks. I began to panic as the blue magic turned red.

Sans noticed immediately, I saw him shout something to Alphys but I couldn’t hear over the sounds of metal bending and steam. I banged my fists against the door as the magic began to engulf me.

Then there was a big flash and I felt myself disapating from my place.

“Help!” I screamed as my body crumbled away.

I heard another stream of steam pop off one of the panels before it hit the back of my head successfully making my vision blur. The last thing I saw was Sans panicked face before I slipped into darkness.

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