A Lost Universe. (Gaster!Sans Story)

Carmen has been working on her teleportation experiment for almost a year now. Finally she gets it working but something goes wrong. Now here she is waking up in a desolate underground with unknown creatures and a mysterious skeleton. What could go wrong next?


2. Great day for a new universe

The first thing I noticed as I began to stir was that it was cold, very cold. I also felt the pain thumping in the back of my head. I fluttered my eyes for a moment before getting them open. I winced at the bright area around me. I slowly sat up looking around.

It looked like I was in the forest before Snowdin. I frowned slightly. The experiment must have gone wrong somehow. I set it so I would appear outside of Alphys lab. I looked back at where my head had been laying to see a small red patch. I cursed moving a hand to the back of my head to feel the small cut. A corner of the panel must have hit my head.

I shivered a bit as I got up. I was dressed in a pair of black shorts and a black tank top with a red graffiti star design on it. Granted I had my lab coat and a pair of red tights underneath my leggings but both of them are extremely thin and didn’t do much against the cold. I’m usually in Hotland so I’m always in light clothes, any warmer and I’d die of heat stroke.

I heard snow crunch behind me. I turned sharply to where the noise had come from. I saw something teleport before I could get a good look at it. I could still feel whatever it was watching me.

“Whoever you are, you aren’t very good at sneaking up on people!” I shouted with a roll of my eyes.

“I thought I was doing pretty good.”

I turned around to the source of the baritone voice. I raised my brows at what I saw. It was a tall, slim skeleton with two cracks in his skull. One going up and over his head while the other went down into his half assed grin. He was wearing a cream colored turtle neck with a cropped leather jacket. The jacket had fake fur lining the inside of the hood and a red circle on the sleeve with a design of a gaster blaster inside it. He had both sleeves rolled up over his elbows. He was also wearing a pair of dark grey jeans with some type of belt chain thing hanging on either side of his legs and a pair of light grey snow boots again lined with fake white fur.

Best option, play nice and try to see if he knows anything.

I gave a polite half smile, “Hi there! Do you by any chance know where we are?”

He rolled his eyes over my form before going back to my blue irises, “It looks like the forest outside of Snowdin but something’s off about it.”

I nodded slowly looking around at the woods around us, “You’re right about that. Anyway,” I dragged looking back at him, “Gotta name?”

He raised a brow bone at me, “Remind me why I should trust you?”

I smirked, “Fair enough.”

I heard my phone go off in my pocket as well as another phone going off.

I pulled it out seeing that Alphys was calling. I quickly answered, “Hey Al.”

“Where are you!? We’ve looked everywhere! Sans can’t even sense your soul anywhere!” She screamed making me wince away from the phone.

I rolled my eyes, “Calm down Alphys.” I could feel that guy stare at me slightly but I ignored it. “It looks like I’m in the forest outside Snowdin but it feels… off.” I glanced at the guy to find him talking on the phone angrily. “There’s also a dude I’ve never seen before here.”

I heard Sans voice in the background, “Her soul isn’t in this timeline.”

I froze at those words realization washing over me like ice cold water, “Alphys, put Sans on the phone.”

She quickly agreed calling him over and giving him the phone.

I didn’t give him a chance to speak, “Remember that crack theory we had when I first started working there? About the possibility of multiple universes created from the same basic idea?”

He stayed quiet for a moment, “You don’t really think-”

“Think about it Sans!” I cut his doubtful words off, “You can’t sense my soul in the timeline! I can’t exactly be in a different timeline in our universe considering all timelines except for ours were ended when Frisk gave up the power to reset to save Asriel and Chara!”

He sighed, “Okay! Stop shouting at me woman!”

I ran a hand through my hair, “The machine must have overloaded and sent me to a completely different universe.”

“Hey kitten!” I raised an eyebrow at the slim skeleton who was still on the phone, “Are you coming to the same conclusion we are?!”

I rolled my eyes, “If you mean the fact that we might be in a completely different universe then yes! We have the same conclusion!”

“Did he just call you kitten… and get away with it?” Sans voice asked slightly dumbfounded.

I rolled my eyes, “I just met the dude. I’m not going to punch him for calling me a pet name.”

“You did it to me!”

I smirked, “Maybe you’re just more punchable.” I sighed slightly, “Alright, serious question. How do I get out of here and back home?”

“I have no idea.”

I groaned, “You’re so helpful!”

He chuckled lightly before his voice dropped into a concerned tone, “Seriously though, are you going to be okay while we try to figure this out? I don’t trust whoever this guy is.”

I gave a half attempt at a chuckle, “You just don’t like him because he got away with calling me kitten.”


I sighed, “Sans, I’ll be fine. If worst comes to worst, I know how to defend myself.” He kept silent. “Just trust me. Please?”

He let out a heavy sigh, “Fine. I trust you.”

I smiled, “Hey, could you check on Dani? I know she’s old enough to take care of herself but I just want her to know what’s going on.”

He chuckled, “I’ll give her a call once I’m outta here. I’ll also make sure Comic gets fed when I get home.”

I smiled weakly, “Thanks Sans. This means a lot.”

“Just try not to get killed while you’re stuck there. And text me about everything you discover,” He said seriously.

“I got it. I’ll talk to you soon okay?”

“Fine. Bye.”


We both hung up. I turned to look at the guy seeing he was still on the phone. He seemed to be a little annoyed.

“I get that Alphys but I can’t just stay here!” He paused to listen to whatever his Alphys said. “Just please look into it.” He glanced up to catch me staring at him, “Look I gotta figure out what I’m going to do while I’m here. This girl’s universe is working on it too… I’ll send you any updates I have. Bye.”

He hung up leaving us in a deafening silence. I looked down at my lab coat as I wrung it in my hands.

“Look,” I started softly lifting my head to look at him seriously, “I realize you don’t trust easy, for whatever reason, but we kinda have to survive here. So, can we just get along until one of our universes figures out how to fix this?”

He stared at me hard before giving a single nod, “Fine.”

I gave an attempt at a smile, “I’m Carmen by the way.”

He smirked, “I liked kitten.”

I smirked back raising a brow playfully, “Really? Because I like the name ‘douchebag’. What’dya think?”

He chuckled, “Name’s G.”

I shivered again as a cool breeze came by, “Maybe we should head to Snowdin. I need to get warmer clothes.”

We started walking in silence, both of us just lost in thought.

Let’s see how my day is going so far. I get a call that my mother is getting worse, then I’m late to work, then I finally get my experiment done only to be shot into another universe.

Great day so far.

I could feel G stare at me as I looked down at my black work boots.

“Staring is rude.”

“You didn’t seem to notice before.”

I looked over at him with a dull expression, “I noticed the minute you started. I’m not that unobservant.”

He chuckled, “So might as well get to know each other while we walk. You first.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “You’re lucky that I’m more trusting than you.” I blew out breath mumbling lowly, “Uh… What can I tell you that won’t give you anything to use against me?”

“Trusting you said?”

I rolled my eyes, “Okay, so I’m not that much more trusting. Can you blame me? I was just ripped out of my universe.” He simply raised his brow bones at me. I chuckled, “Okay, fair point. Um… I have a dog named Comic.”

He chuckled, “Really? That’s the first thing you tell me?” I gave him a dull look and he raised his hands in surrender, “Alright. One question, why the name Comic?”

I chuckled lightly, “Well, my universe’s Sans got him for me as a birthday gift two years ago so he decided the name at the rescue clinic.”

Both his brow bones raised at this, “So you and your universe’s Sans are close then?” I nodded. “How close?”

I raised a brow as I realized what he was implying, “Sans and I are just really close friends.”

He smirked, “You never thought about dating him?”

I chuckled looking ahead of us with a small smile, “We actually tried to once. It lasted two months. We just weren’t compatible. I like flirtier guys who push limits and he likes cozy girls who are simple and down to earth. I am most definitely not simple or cozy and he despises flirting with a passion.”

Suddenly I was pinned against a tree with two skeletal arms trapping me.

G smirked leaning his face close to mine, “Am I flirty enough for ya kitten?”

“Wow, you are pretty good at this.” I smirked putting my hands against his chest and running them down his ribcage. He shivered a bit at my touch. I leaned close to the side of his skull, “But I’m better G,” I whispered with an airy chuckle. I gently shoved him away and began to walk leaving him standing in a shocked silence. I smirked at him over my shoulder, “You comin’?”

He jogged up to me with a small scowl, “That was a dirty trick.”

My smirk widened, “Then don’t fuck with me. I’ll win, every single time.”

We got the the beginning of Snowdin and I stopped short.

G quickly took notice, “Something wrong kitten.”

I narrowed my eyes as I looked around us, “Something’s not right.”

“Gonna explain what that means?”

“One, Snowdin is always bustling with people. There’s no one here.”

He looked around, “Yea that is kinda weird.”

“And something is watching us.”

He stared at me with raised brow bones, “How’d ya figure that?”

“I just know,” I said vaguely still looking around for any signs of life.

I slipped my hand into my coat pocket and grabbed my switchblade. I pulled it out and flicked it open.

G’s eyes were immediately drawn to it, “Where’d the hell you get a switchblade?!”

I kept my eyes fixated on the forest line next to the first shop, “My Undyne got it for me after I got mugged.”

I heard a deep growl before something covered in black launched at me. I quickly side stepped turning on my heel so I was still facing it. It got up and I could get a proper look at it. It looked kind of like a monster, it had the outline of one but it was covered in some sort of black ooze. It opened it’s long mouth, revealing two rows of sharp teeth, and let out a sharp screech.

“It’s a creature from the void.”

I glanced over at G but quickly went back to keeping my eyes on the creature, “How do you know that exactly?”

“I just know,” He said smugly. I could hear the smirk in his voice.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as the creature began to growl again. I predicted it’s movements easily. I ducked down as it lunged again. I swiftly swiped my blade across it’s chest as it went over me. It let out a shrill screech as it landed behind me and turned to dust.

I frowned deeply standing and turning to G with narrowed eyes, “How did you know what that thing was?”

He gave a half assed smirk, “How’d you know something was watching us?”

We both glared at the other in a small gaze battle. It was blatantly obvious neither of us were easily trusting or one to give in easily. We both were trying to hide things in case the other was bad.

I knew we weren’t going to get far like that so I reluctantly spoke still refusing to lose this little test of wills, “I’m used to watching my back. Now how did you know what that thing was?”

“I know a lot of things about the void and the creatures in it,” He answered vaguely not moving his eye lights from my irises.

I guess that was fair considering my answer was pretty vague as well.

“We probably should get inside before more of those things come after us. There’s no telling how many are here,” G said logically.

I blew out a breath knowing he was right, “Fine, let’s get inside the shop.”

We looked away at the same time heading into the building. G went behind the counter looking around for something while I went to the section of clothes they had in the shop. I shifted through the things before finding a red sweater that would work. I quickly took off my lab coat and slipped my tank top over my head.

I could feel G’s eyes staring at what he could see of me.

“At least try and act like you’ve seen a girl in a bra before,” I said in a snarky tone.

He chuckled as I put the sweater on, “Act like you’ve had a guy see you in a bra before. It’s natural for a guy to want to stare at an attractive girl.”

I smirked as I grabbed a simple cross body slouch bag and put my stuff into it, “Don’t get me wrong, I know how attractive I am but once you’ve seen one pair of tits, you’ve seen them all. We girls aren’t that different from each other.”

“You have an interesting view on things. Most girls would be embarrassed about being seen in a bra.”

I rolled my eyes giving him a dull look, “You see the same thing, if not more, at a swimming pool.”

He chuckled raising his hand in surrender, “I agree with you. I’m just saying that’s not what most girls think.”

I surprised him by letting out a small laugh and smiling at him, “Trust me when I say I am not like most girls.”

“Oh, believe me. I can tell.”

I let out another small chuckle before coming over to where he was, “What’re you looking for?”

“There should be a map of the underground around here somewhere.”

I raised an eyebrow as I walked around the counter and began looking, “What’s so important about a map?”

“It shows nearby entities. I figured if your little spidey-sense goes off again we can look at it instead of waiting for something to jump out at us.”

I rolled my eyes giving him a lightly annoyed look, “Spidey-sense? Really?”

He smirked, “That’s what got to you?”

I scowled as I looked through the draws I was next to, “It’s a basic human survival tactic.”

“But not all humans have it.”

“Well, yea… but still, it can be learned.”

“Easily?” He smirked noticing my hesitation, “Exactly my point.”

I rolled my eyes but let it go. We searched through the drawers and cabinets behind the counter.

“Hey, is this it?”

G walked over looking over my shoulder at the map I had found, “Yep, that’s it.”

I inspected the map quickly. Currently it showed Snowdin and the forests around it.

“So how does this thing work exactly?”

G chuckled, “It will show a basic map of whatever area we’re in and when an entity is nearby it shows a little dot wherever they are.” He pointed at the two black dots that were in the shop, “That’s us. Anything else we see, we assume is bad until proven wrong.”

I nodded, “Understandable.” I then looked out the window seeing it was getting dark already, “We should probably grab something to eat then head to the inn.”

G raised an eyebrow before looking out the window as well, “Agreed.”

We quickly grabbed some cinnamon bunnies and quickly headed to the inn next door. Just like before, there was no one there. We went upstairs and went into the first room. Luckily there was a doorway between both rooms.

G went into the bigger room after a long argument about which one would get it. I sat down on the small bed taking in a deep breath. Today had been way too much.

I heard my phone go off. I looked seeing it was a video call from Sans.

I answered smiling as Sans’ familiar face, “Hey!”

“Hey, how are things going?”

“Well… things are pretty weird. When we got to Snowdin, there was no one around and then some… thing attacked us.”

Sans’ smile quickly turned into a worried frown, “Are you okay?”

I nodded smiling softly, “I’m fine Sans. I know how to defend myself.”

He sighed, “I know. I just worry about you, Carmen.”

I giggled, “Well don’t. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

“Anyway, what was the thing that attacked you?”

I hesitated slightly, “I… wasn’t really sure. G said it was a creature from the void.”

“Creature from the void?! How would it have gotten in a universe then? Wait, who’s G?”

I chuckled rubbing the back of my head, “That’s the guy I’m stuck with.”

Sans gave me a blank look, “The one that called you kitten?”

I rolled my eyes, “Why are you so stuck on that?”

“Because you let him get away with it! When I called you sweetheart when we met, you punched me!”

I snickered, “I was hot headed. I’ve learned control.” He simply gave me a blank stare. I laughed lightly, “Okay! I wasn’t close enough to hit him and… I don’t know. I just didn’t feel the urge to.”

Sans smirked, “Last time something like that happened-”

“No!” I cut him off giving him a glare, “We agreed not to mention those events ever again!”

He laughed, “I’m sorry, I had to make fun of you. Anyway, someone has been dying to see you.” He switched camera’s to reveal my beagle-basset hound mix.

I smiled at the sight before speaking, “Hey Comic!”

Comic immediately looked to the phone wagging his tail and giving a bark.

I giggled, “Sans better take good care of you while I’m stuck here.”

He simply barked again. Sans switched back to the front facing camera.

“Hopefully this will be solved soon. I don’t like you being stuck there, especially if there’s void creatures lurking about.”

I sighed, “I’m sure we’ll find a solution soon. In the meantime though, I think I’m going to try to head to the lab tomorrow.”

“...You do realize how dangerous that is right?”

“I have to do something. I can’t just sit around and wait for you guys to figure it out. Plus, I kind of want to know what happened here. Like why everyone is gone and why void creatures ended up here.”

Sans sighed, “Fine, I trust you to handle yourself. Just… try not to get hurt, please?”

I smiled softly at him, “I’ll try my best.” A small yawn escaped my mouth.

Sans chuckled, “Alright, get some sleep okay? I’ll call you when I get to the lab in the morning.”

“Got it! Night Sans.”

“Night Carmen.”

I hung up the video call letting out a sigh.

“So we’re going to the lab tomorrow?”

I jumped slightly snapping my head to where G stood in the entranceway connecting the two rooms, “Oh! Uh… yea I was planning to. If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to.”

He gave a hard stare similar to the one from earlier, like he was trying to either intimidate me or figure me out, “It’ll be safer if we stick together. There’s no telling how many of those void creatures are here and how strong they are.”

I nodded slowly, “If that’s what you want, then sure. We can head out whenever we wake up in the morning.”

He nodded back, “Gotcha. I’m heading to bed. Night kitten.”

I smirked at his back, “Night douchebag!”

I heard him chuckle as the door closed. I let out another small sigh before laying on the bed and getting comfortable. I turned on some music quietly so I wouldn’t disturb G and turned the light out.

I slowly let my eyes close and let myself drift off.

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