The Owlery

Ron Weasley has always had an appreciation for Luna Lovegood's lovable quirkiness. But what happens when Ron realizes his friendship with Luna could be something more? This short story takes place during HBP, and Romione is featured at the end.


5. The Three Broomsticks

The next morning, Ron woke up to the rising sun. Uncharacteristically, Ron sprung out of bed and got dressed quickly. He snuck through the castle back to the owlery. Ron and Luna had separated quickly after the sound of professors on patrol. Now, Ron sat in the owlery window, fiddling with his robes. Finally, he concluded that Luna was still asleep. Ron was torn. He had to see Luna again. So, he snatched a spare piece of parchment from the floor. Grabbing a quill from his pocket, Ron scratched out a letter to Luna.


Meet me behind the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade at three.


Ron called Pigwidgeon down from his perch. The letter was small enough to tie to the flimsy owl’s leg. Excited to have a delivery, the owl flapped off in the direction of Ravenclaw tower. Ron only hoped it would find Luna before anyone else.

Hours later, Ron, Harry, and Hermione slumped into a booth at the Three Broomsticks. Hermione argued with Harry over The Prince’s book, and Ron shrugged off his top layer. “Shall I get the drinks then?” he said standing up. Ron blushed and Hermione rolled her eyes. The two continued to talk. The number of students entering the pub disguised Ron as he ducked out of the restaurant.

Out back, Ron and Luna met up against the brick exterior of the pub. “Hi there, stranger.” Luna said serenely. Her smile shone brighter as Ron took her hand. For a moment they stood, simply holding hands and staring at each other. The moment stretched into a minute. The slamming of the pub door, however, brought Ron back to his senses. He started and extracted his hand from Luna’s. “Harry and Hermione are expecting me.” Luna nodded, understanding as always. As Ron turned to go, Luna spoke again. “Meet me in the owlery?” Ron nodded and grinned. “Sunset.”

At a quarter till sunset, Luna slipped into the owlery. She joined Ron at the window and buried her head in his chest. Ron felt nervous, but excited. Luna was finally getting to see the real him. She finally saw the Ron without Harry, Hermione, Ginny, or any of his brothers to overshadow him.

Luna finally realized that the first boy she was with didn’t have to be perfect. He had to hold her, care for her, and treat her like she meant something. Luna knew that she was special, beautiful, and smart. She had faith in herself. But Ron made her happy in a new way, a bubbly way. It was exciting! She has decided to try new things. She decided to experience life as it was.

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