The Owlery

Ron Weasley has always had an appreciation for Luna Lovegood's lovable quirkiness. But what happens when Ron realizes his friendship with Luna could be something more? This short story takes place during HBP, and Romione is featured at the end.


3. Sunset in the Owlery

At sunset, Ron sat waiting in the owlery. Ron had told Harry and Hermione he was sending a letter to his parents. He didn’t know why he was being sneaky, but nevertheless he thought it was a smart move. Ron closed his eyes and breathed in deep. It was nice being alone, for once. Ron liked stepping out of the shadow of “The Chosen One” and “The Brightest Witch of Her Age.” He loved his friends dearly, but he was due for some peace and quiet.

            When Ron opened his eyes, he found a pair of blue ones staring straight into his brown. For some reason, Ron did not jump or call out. In a way, he had grown used to Luna’s unexpected appearances.

            “Hello.” Luna said quietly. “Hi.” Ron said in a whisper. He did not know why they were so quiet, nor why neither of them spoke. However, together they simply looked out the tall owlery windows. The sun was setting between the mountains, and the world was at peace with sky.

            At some point, Ron took Luna’s hand. He felt nervous, but in an exciting, tingly way. Luna began to hum, and again Ron closed his eyes. Soon, her head was on his shoulder. Luna was much shorter than Ron, but that didn’t matter in the slightest. Ron felt her warm touch, her wonderful electricity, and smooth blonde hair.

Then, Ron opened his eyes and Luna sat her head up. The two stared at each other for a moment, and then moved closer. Ron had never kissed a girl before, and Luna had never kissed a boy. Both were extremely nervous. But as soon as they were nose-to-nose, Ron’s fears evaporated. He could tell that Luna’s did as well. “You are really pretty Luna. Did you know?” Ron barely breathed. “No. Not before tonight.” Luna whispered back. Ron stroked her long, scraggly hair. Luna didn’t move, didn’t breathe. She had waited so long to feel like this. But she didn’t know if it was right. Ron began to lean in toward Luna, ever so slightly.

But then, Luna pulled away. She returned her gaze to the window and stepped away from Ron. She had stepped away from the magic of the moment. Ron was crushed. He made to speak to Luna as she watched the sun vanish. Instead, he silently backed out the owlery door and returned to Gryffindor tower.

Once she was sure he was gone, Luna began to cry. She did not know why she had pulled back. The only conclusion she came to broke her heart. As much as she liked being with Ron, she didn’t want to be with him. Ron was rude to his friends, he got jealous, and he lost his way. Luna was a free spirit that couldn’t be dragged down. Nevertheless, she missed the comfort and safety Ron had brought her. She didn’t know if she would get him back. But did she want to?

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