The Owlery

Ron Weasley has always had an appreciation for Luna Lovegood's lovable quirkiness. But what happens when Ron realizes his friendship with Luna could be something more? This short story takes place during HBP, and Romione is featured at the end.


1. Quidditch Tryouts

Ron sat nervously on the sidelines of the Quidditch pitch, pacing back and forth. His face was bright red and his palms were sweaty. Suddenly, Ron felt queasy. He regretted eating that piece of toast Harry practically shoved down his throat. His chills did not subside all throughout tryouts, and soon Harry called out to the first keeper. There were four trying out, but Ron was the second oldest.

            Just as he was about to vomit, Ron felt a warm hand on his shoulder that calmed his nerves. Turning, he saw the dirty blonde hair of Luna Lovegood, whose smile was surprisingly soothing. Ron nodded at Luna and gave her a small grin. He had never noticed how pretty she was . . .

            “You’ll do great Ron. Just do what you know you can. Put every ounce of energy into becoming the Gryffindor keeper. And fight off the wrackspurts!” Ron was shocked that, for once, Luna had actually made sense. Even her confident stride back to her seat made Ron less anxious. He watched her go, not knowing or caring that several nearby students had noticed. One of them wolf whistled, drawing Ron back to his senses. As Harry called his name, Ron flew proudly up to the goalposts. All through his tryout, he kept Luna’s advice in mind.

            After five spectacular saves, Ron rushed back to change. As he exited the tent, he searched for Harry and Hermione. The only person he recognized, however, was Luna. She was standing off to the side, watching their peers trek back to the castle. Ron hurried up to her and smiled broadly. “Thanks for everything Luna!” he said cheerfully. Luna nodded and gave Ron a sly grin. “I didn’t do anything,” she remarked. “You saved more than Cormac all on your own. Well done!” Ron looked down fondly at Luna, and he noticed the gleam in her eyes.

            Ron pulled Luna away from the stampeding crowd, and swept her up into a hug.  “Thanks anyway.” he whispered into her ear. She looked dazed as she spoke again. “Have you ever seen Ravenclaw tower, Ron? It’s beautiful at sunset. We have a great view of the mountains.” Ron was taken aback by this change of subject. “I haven’t seen it. It sounds amazing.” Luna nodded serenely, and then drifted away. “Goodbye Ron!” she called as she joined the thinning crowd.

            For some odd reason, this little exchange had Ron blushing. At that moment, however, Harry and Hermione caught up with him. Together, the three of them walked up to the castle.

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