The Owlery

Ron Weasley has always had an appreciation for Luna Lovegood's lovable quirkiness. But what happens when Ron realizes his friendship with Luna could be something more? This short story takes place during HBP, and Romione is featured at the end.


4. Nothing But Flaws

Ron rolled out of bed the next morning, utterly exhausted. He was sick of Hogwarts and he’d only been there a couple months! Luckily, he had four days until the first Hogsmeade visit of the year. The thought sustained him as he dragged through the week.

Over the next few days, Ron found himself searching for Luna in the crowds. He skimmed the Ravenclaw table at meals, looked for her blonde hair in the throngs of students, and returned to the owlery at least three times.

Finally, after a long day of lessons, Ron found Luna. He had sneaked off after Quidditch to “write Fred and George” at the owlery. Ron walked up to Luna, who appeared to be writing her father a letter. “Hullo.” Ron said thickly. Luna glanced back at him and smiled slightly. “Hi, Ron.” she said quietly. Ron brightened at the fact that they were speaking. But then he remembered what he had to say to Luna. After a week of forming words in his mind, Ron spilled like fountain.

“Luna, I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about your free spirit, your energy, and your eyes. I’d like to hang out with you more. Maybe . . . alone?” Ron finished, slightly out of breath.

Luna looked up at him and spoke with tears in her eyes. “I’ve been thinking about you too, Ron. But we have nothing in common! You’re a year older, and you always seemed a bit rude to me. You were mean to Hermione and Ginny and I never saw you as I see you now. Doesn’t that make it wrong? If all I see is flaws, it’s not meant to be . . . right?” Luna looked at Ron with wide eyes, begging him to explain things to her.

But Ron had no explanation. He simply wrapped Luna in his arms and held her tight. “If you can look past the flaws,” Ron whispers. “You can see what you are really feeling. You can uncover what your heart is saying. Right?”

The two broke apart and simply stared at one another. Then, Luna spoke softly. “Right. And right now . . . I see no flaws, just you and your eyes and your arms.” Luna took Ron’s coarse hands in her soft ones.

“And I like what I see.” 

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