The Owlery

Ron Weasley has always had an appreciation for Luna Lovegood's lovable quirkiness. But what happens when Ron realizes his friendship with Luna could be something more? This short story takes place during HBP, and Romione is featured at the end.


9. Epilouge

Ron and Luna remained friends, however distant. Almost the whole year had passed before they spoke to each other alone. As expected, it was in the owlery. 

Ron sat in the owlery window, looking off onto the Hogwarts grounds. He sighed, longing to be done with his sixth year and his exams and his worries. The door opened behind him, and Ron jumped.

It was Luna. Luna was wearing her infamous radish earrings and holding a thick letter. "Hello, Ron." she said politely. 

"Hi." Ron answered quietly. Luna glanced at Ron as she tied the letter to the leg of a school owl. "Ron," Luna began softly. "I wanted to explain to you what happened between us." 

"I don't know what on earth you're talking about." Ron muttered firmly. Luna sighed, and then sat down next to Ron's feet. She took a breath and began to speak. 

"I wanted to be with you Ron, I really did," Luna said. "But deep down something was telling me not to. And I think I've finally figured out what. Well, not what. Who." Luna added.

Ron was bewildered. "Who?" he asked.

"Hermione." Luna said simply. 

"What about her?" Ron said fiercely, but he could feel his ears turning pink. Luna only smiled, stood up, and headed toward the door. 

"Ron?" Luna called as she left the owlery. Ron turned his head, still completely confused. Luna grinned and said quietly, "Maybe next year you should bring her to the owlery." 

Ron was furious, but deep down, his heart was smiling. 


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