The Owlery

Ron Weasley has always had an appreciation for Luna Lovegood's lovable quirkiness. But what happens when Ron realizes his friendship with Luna could be something more? This short story takes place during HBP, and Romione is featured at the end.


8. Ended Before it Began

Ron was, unusually, not angry. He was simply heartbroken and wondering what he had done wrong. Perhaps, Ron thought, he could get Luna back if he did well during the Quidditch game.

That day passed in a blur. Ron made save after save up near the goalposts. However, he couldn’t help looking for Luna in the crowd. Suddenly, there was shouting and cheering- Harry had caught the snitch. They had won!

Ron was carried into the locker room on the shoulders of his teammates. He glanced back into the crowd, grinning from ear to ear. But when he located Luna’s dirty blonde hair, his grin faltered. Luna was glaring at him. Ron felt crushed, and this time, angry. What had he done to deserve this?

The Gryffindor common room was full of food and laughter and color. Ron sat in a corner, enjoying the festivities. Then, oddly enough, Lavender Brown approached him. Ron stood up to greet Lavender, but she did something unexpected. Lavender had take Ron full on the lips and was kissing him feverishly.

A few thoughts ran through his mind. First, Ron thought of Hermione. He pushed the thought aside- they had always been and would always be just friends. Then, Ron thought of Luna. His heart ached thinking about the feel of her lips. Finally, Ron saw Luna’s fierce glare and cold tone. With an angry passion, Ron kissed Lavender back. He was happy to have someone who actually showed that she cared about him. 

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