Elements of Magic

Beverly Scorch is finally eighteen and ready to begin her life as she joins The Elements. She must find herself, as she finds some friends along the way. Her newfound friends, Marielle Calidi, Crystal Ventus, and Tristy Amnis are the perfect people to fight her battles with. Beverly will need her friends when some unexpected things start happening that all four of them can't explain.


6. Chapter 6

After Crys and Mari had their own little dispute, the boys came out of Caspian’s room. Everyone was together at last. Now maybe we would actually have a chance at figuring out what’s going on. We all went down to the main floor and decided to just explore around a bit so we could get used to the place. There was a big living area with couches and chairs and a giant cinema TV. There was a huge dining room off of the foyer with a table that could seat about two dozen people.

My favorite part however was the kitchen. There was a giant fridge packed with all of my favorite foods as well as everyone else’s favorites. I took a banana out to eat because I was incredibly starving for some reason and another appeared right in its place. The pantry was the same way. To the right of the pantry there was a panel that looked like a highly advance laundry shoot, but instead it was a food ordering system. You pressed the green button, told it what food you wanted, selected the quantity or size of that food and presto! You had an instant meal!

I was beginning to like this place, as was everyone else. Then we all heard footsteps coming from the foyer. My immediate instinct was to grab a steak knife since we were in the kitchen, then I kind of realized that I had a magical connection with the Earth… So I put the knife back. The footsteps drew nearer and we all were in attack mode. I knelt on the ground just in case I would need a strong connection. All of the sudden, we see who it is. Madam Terram, who honestly, we’re all pretty pissed at. Even Tristy and Ryker seemed pissed and they’re typically the calmest.

Madam Terram sees us all ready to use our connections and she laughs, “You silly beginners. Just wait till training starts. No more kneeling for you darling. And no more looking idiot with outstretched arms. In no time you’ll be connecting without all of the useless pizazz!”

We stared at her blankly. She thinks she can just come in here and start explaining everything like it’s nothing? I mean, I know she’s all special and powerful, but seriously? She’s treating this big life change as if it’s just another average day. The nerve.

“Oh, forgive me! I bet you’re all confused!”

“You’d win that bet.” Mari replies hatefully.

“Dear, you have quite the temper don’t you?”

“And she’s right again! You’d be good at gambling. Ever been to Vegas?” Mari is quick with her tongue.

“Now, I understand you’re all upset, but remember your place missy.” Madam Terram warns, and for once Mari listens.

“Would please explain to us what we’re doing here Madam?” Tristy sweetly asks.

“Of course dear! Now, let’s start from the beginning. The sleeping and the transport of how you got here. I had to make you all go to sleep so you wouldn’t be able to tell others where you are. You’re all very special to the Council, so we wouldn’t want anything to happen to any of you.” Madam Terram explains.

“With all do respect Madam, that seems a little… extensive don’t you think? I mean, we can’t be that special. As you said, we’re beginners.” Crys politely states.

“Naive young lady, on the contrary! What we did was not extensive at all. The Council suggested we invisibly cloak you before any mingling even began, then use the sleeping dust, then put a short term memory lost dust over everyone else, and then transport you all. I told them that was a bit much, so we agreed to just wait till everyone cleared out and then use the sleeping dust and transport you here to your lovely home.”

“Thanks? I think.” Caspian looks puzzled.

“Yeah, thanks for basically kidnapping us and bringing us to a strange place we’ve never been to before and confusing the shit out of us!” Reese explodes.

Mari suppresses a laugh.

Reese pauses momentarily and adds, “Madam.”

Madam Terram continues with her explanation, “I know you all are upset, but this is for your own good. You’re too special to even risk being put in harm’s way. You will all do great things for us.”

I was confused. She kept saying we were special.

“You keep saying we’re special to the council. What kind of great things will we do?” I question as politely as I can.

“All in good time darling. Now, here are your schedules. Do not lose them! We expect you to be not a second late to anything! Time is of the essence! If you have any questions, write something on one of these pieces of paper,” She puts down some old parchment paper, “and use your connection to send it. Trust me, you’ll know how. The letter will go to the council and you’ll get a reply within minutes. Any further questions before I leave?”

“Training starts after this week right?” Ryker asks, seemingly eager for a calm and chill dude.

“Silly gooses, tomorrow is the end of the week. Oh, did I not mention that a week has passed since you’ve all been asleep? Pardon my forgetfulness. The Council and I just figured you’d all need your rest.”

Well, that explains my extreme hunger.

“Forgetfulness my ass! You think you’re above us all don’t you! The way you just waltz in here all high and mighty!”

Mari puts her hands out and starts to connect with fire. Madam Terram merely looks at Mari and a vine begins to wrap around her arms, binding them to her sides and closing around her mouth so she cannot speak. I didn’t think Mari could ever be so quiet. It was easy to tell that Mari was getting angrier by the second. I’m really glad those vines were restraining her, because if they weren’t, I’m afraid we’d all be in heating trouble. Literally…

“Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you were trained already? You wouldn’t need your silly little arms to connect. You are a beautiful, talented young lady. Don’t make me regret choosing you, or you’ll regret every mistake you’ve made toward me. Do you understand?” Madam Terram get’s up close to Mari’s face.

When Mari doesn’t nod, Madam Terram tightens the vines. That got a reluctant nod out of Mari. The rest of us stood there in pure and utter shock. I’m not lying when I say I saw pee running down Caspian’s right leg. And it looked as if Ryker was about to faint. Devon and I had the same exact expression, but Reese looked like he was plotting Madam Terram’s murder by “unexpected and accidental” fire.

“Good. Now I will be on my way. Enjoy your training tomorrow! Oh, and Beverly?”

I snap my head up toward Madam Terram, afraid she might strangle me with vines if I don’t comply.

“Be a dear and when I leave, help Marielle to get out of those vines. She’s gotten herself into quite a mess I believe.” Madam Terram smirks, and with a few green sparkles, she’s gone.

“That bitch! Get those damn vines off Mari, would you?!” Reese yells in anger.

I crouch down beside Mari immediately and out my hand on the vines. The vines rip and Mari sits straight up. Her face is red and tiny flames dance across her fingertips. I take a step back.

“I am going to kill that woman!” Mari begins to run toward the parchment paper.

“What’re you gonna do? Write her to death? That will only cause you more harm. Let’s just all cool off, okay?” Devon tried to calm the situation.

I can’t get calm though. I’m processing everything that’s just happened, but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. Special to the council? We’ll do great things? They have the power to put us to sleep for a week? They can randomly choose to restrain us if they choose so without the slightest movement. My head was spinning and I felt dizzy. I could feel myself rocking back and forth, about to fall. I heard Devon saying my name, but I was too dull to speak.

I let myself fall, and luckily Devon caught me. I looked up at his beautiful eyes and stared at him. He kept telling me it would be okay, but for some reason I didn’t believe him. I didn’t know what was going on. One minute I was at home with my mom and little sister, enjoying life, and the next I’m in a foreign place with frightening people and I’ve lost control.

I look back up to Devon’s eyes and say, “I’m scared.”

Then my world goes dark again.

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