Elements of Magic

Beverly Scorch is finally eighteen and ready to begin her life as she joins The Elements. She must find herself, as she finds some friends along the way. Her newfound friends, Marielle Calidi, Crystal Ventus, and Tristy Amnis are the perfect people to fight her battles with. Beverly will need her friends when some unexpected things start happening that all four of them can't explain.


5. Chapter 5

We rush down the stairs to the second floor and hear someone yell “Shit!” The guys rush into Caspian’s room and us girl’s rush into Crystal’s room. Right in front of our eyes, we see Crystal has knocked into the cabinet in her bathroom and the cabinet must’ve fallen onto the sink and broken off the faucet. Water was spraying everywhere and Crystal was trying to use her air connection to blow it back into the faucet but it was no use.

“Umm… Tristy? I little help here please!” Crystal yells. Air can be calm, and air can be frantic. I’d label this as a frantic time for Crystal.

“On it!” Tristy says in a calming manner.

Tristy reaches her arm out in front of her toward the faucet. The water abruptly stops. Tristy is so patient that she takes the time to get every drop of water back into a giant puddle, held in mid-air. She makes the puddle into about ten smaller puddles and pushes them one by one back into the drain. Tristy truly is talented.

“Thanks Tris.” Crystal wipes water off of her face, then puts her arms up in the air as she channels the air to dry herself off.

“Anytime Crys.” Tristy breathes a sigh of relief, as do Mari and I.

“So, what we’ve learned just now is that we have no clue what’s going on, we don’t know why we all woke up at different times, and we can’t trust Crys alone or she might trip over literally thin air!” Mari is clearly agitated.

“Does anyone know how we got here, what we’re doing here or any clue as to what we’re supposed to do?” Crys asks.

“Did you seriously not hear a word I just said?” How many eyerolls have there been from Mari now? I think it’s too many to count.

“Sorry, no need to be a hot head.” Uh oh. Crys should not have said that.

“Hot head? Damn right I’m a hot head! Better than being an airhead!”

Aren’t air and fire supposed to be side by side? Not fighting with each other? I thought Ignis and Caeli have always been close allies. Tris and I are supposed to be fighting with them if anything. I have a sick feeling that things are only going downhill from here.

“You’re fires wouldn’t even be able to start if you didn’t have air! Ever think about that?” Crys retorts.

“Ever think about shoving a gust of wind up your ass?!”

“Hey! Could you two just cool it? We’re all confused. We’re all frustrated. We all want to get to the bottom of this, but we can’t do that with you two bickering! You two are supposed to be allies anyway! Just apologize to each other so we can figure this all out together. Okay?” I regret sounding like a mother, but it needed to be said.

“I’m sorry that you have air for brains.” Mari “apologizes.”

“And I’m sorry that you’re not as powerful as your huge ego thinks you are.” Crys fires back.

“Well, this is a start at least.” Tris looks on the bright side of things.

This is going to be a long journey…

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