Elements of Magic

Beverly Scorch is finally eighteen and ready to begin her life as she joins The Elements. She must find herself, as she finds some friends along the way. Her newfound friends, Marielle Calidi, Crystal Ventus, and Tristy Amnis are the perfect people to fight her battles with. Beverly will need her friends when some unexpected things start happening that all four of them can't explain.


4. Chapter 4

When I wake up, I rub my eyes, trying to remember what had happened. As soon as I remember, I shoot straight up. Blood rushes to my head too quickly. I push the throbbing aside, and stand up and look around. I’m in a room that has a giant, king sized bed in it with an Earthy looking, silk comforter. No one else is in the room with me. My room has a giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling. My walls are painting emerald green. I have a giant wardrobe in the corner of my room.

I run over to the wardrobe and see a bunch of different dresses, all are different styles and shades of green and brown and one gold dress. The one I was wearing at the ceremony. I look down at what I’m wearing. I’m in a loose, lime green, silk dress and my hair is in a messy bun. I look on the nightstand next to my bed and see the tiara I was wearing earlier. Was it earlier? Or was it yesterday?

I run to the giant bay window and pull open the curtains. Light fills my room. It’s the next day. Then it hits me; where is everyone else? I bolt out of my room and see a large staircase. I bolt down the stairs and into a main foyer area with a giant chandelier. I go down a hallway, having no idea where anything is located.

“Hey! Anyone here?” I shout down the hallway, which is filled with paintings and other pieces of artwork.

“Beverly?” I hear someone call back.

“Mari? Is that you?” I call back.

“Yeah, where are you?”

“I don’t even know!”

“Okay, do you know where the foyer is at?”

“Yeah, let’s both head there!” I suggest.

I miraculously made my way back to the foyer with the chandelier and polished floors.

“I’m in the foyer!” I yell.

“I’m almost there!” Mari yells back.

Mari walks into the foyer wearing a dress that’s the same exact style as mine, only red. Her hair is different though. Her hair has gorgeous spiral curls. I’m extremely jealous of her dress and hair. She also walks with such confidence even in a time like this. I think a see a hint of fear though behind her tough demeanor.

“How did we end in this place?” I ask in true confusion.

“I’m not sure, but I’m sure someone will sparkle on in later to explain everything to us, because that’s how things have gone so far.” Mari sounds pissed.

“Hello?” We both hear two voices, clearly from two of the guys coming from up the stairs.

“Down here! Just look for the giant chandelier. It’s hard to miss.” Mari shouts back up the stairs.

Devon and Reese come rushing down the stairs. They’re both wearing tuxedo vests, and dress pants on Reese’s is red and Devon’s is green. I’m starting to realize a hair pattern. Everyone’s hair is the same as what each section’s style was in the dome. Reese’s hair is slicked back and Devon’s is down and flat.

“Are you guys okay? Yesterday scared the crap out of us guys!” Devon and I ran and hugged each other. Reese and Mari had a little more fun with their reunion.

“Damn. What even happened back at the ceremony?” Reese asked.

“Neither of us know. Hey, where are the others?” Mari states.

“We should go look for them.” Devon suggests.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t seem smart for us to split up again. In this big of place we’d just end up getting lost.” I was racking my brain for a solution to this.

“Okay, well first of all, we all came from the fourth floor right?” Mari sounds like she has a plan.

“No, my bedroom was on the fifth floor.” Devon replies.

“Mine too.” I say.

“Mine was on the fourth floor like Marielle.” Reese says.

“Mari.” She corrects.

“Wait, how does the elemental pyramid go? We learned this when we were ten. Isn’t it air, water, fire, Earth?” I now have my own plan.

They nod.

“Okay well I’m willing to bet the main floor that we’re on is just a common area, but the second through the fifth floors are dedicated to each element. Crystal and Caspian are probably on the second floor and Tristy and Ryker are probably on the third floor.”

The other three stare at me as if I’d just solved a one thousand piece puzzle in only a minute.

“It’s worth a shot. Beverly and I can look on the third floor and you both can look on the second.” Devon plans.

“Great, we’re already choosing sides. Air and fire and water and Earth. Typical.” Mari rolls her eyes yet again.

“Okay, then we can take the second floor and you guys can take the third. Better?” I can tell Devon doesn’t take any sass from Ignis. Mari seems offended, but agrees.

Devon and I go to the second floor while Mari and Reese take the third floor. The floors are so big and the hallways are so long that it seems nearly impossible to find anything. Then I remember back to what the doors to my room looked like. I was in such a hurry I only had a quick glance. I think back to that short glance I had and try my hardest to remember where the doors were at and what they looked like.

I remember seeing four doors. Oh my stars! I can’t believe I didn’t realize that Devon’s room was right next to mine. Both of our doors were painted with a mixed shade of brown and green and they had green jewels embedded in the door frames. Our rooms were at the farthest end of the hallway. I grab Devon’s arm and run, pulling him along with me, to the farthest end of the second floor hallway.

At the end of the hallway are two sets of double doors painted with orange and grey swirls. The door frames are embedded with orange jewels. The doors are beautiful and intricate. I go in the doors on the right and Devon takes the doors on the left, because that’s how it was for us. I enter the room and it looks nearly identical to mine except for the colors. It’s magnificent really.

In the bed, I see Crystal still sleeping. Four of us are awake, why aren’t all of us? I try shaking her and telling her to wake up, but it’s no use. I walk outside and go to Caspian’s door. I’m assuming that Caspian is still sleeping as well. Devon walks out of Caspian’s room, looking disappointed as ever.

“They’re still sleeping.” Devon says.

“Clearly.” I sass back. “Oh, uh. Sorry. My whole family is in Ignis. I kind of grew up learning sass as my second language.”

“It’s okay. I grew up with a Terra family so I don’t really know anything else.” Devon explains.

“What’s it like?”

“What’s what like?”

“Being Terra. What’s that like?”

“It’s… pretty much the most amazing thing ever. You can forget about life and troubles and worries. It’s so…” He pauses, “Sorry. This is the cheesiest thing ever.”

I laugh, “Nah. It was only slightly cheesy.”

We both chuckled.

“Let’s go up a floor and see if they’re having any luck.” I propose.

“Good idea.”

We go up to the third floor and see Tristy and Ryker coming out of their rooms with Mari and Reese. Tristy and Ryker look just as confused as the rest of us were when we first saw what was going on. Tristy, as I suspected, is wearing the same style of dress as Mari and I, only hers is blue. Ryker is wearing the same tuxedo vest and dress pants as the other guys, only his is the same shade of blue as Tristy’s.

“Woah.” Tristy utters.

“I’m truly confused.” Ryker says.

“We all are.” I should really keep a tally of how many times Mari manages to roll her eyes.

All of the sudden we hear a crash beneath us.

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