Elements of Magic

Beverly Scorch is finally eighteen and ready to begin her life as she joins The Elements. She must find herself, as she finds some friends along the way. Her newfound friends, Marielle Calidi, Crystal Ventus, and Tristy Amnis are the perfect people to fight her battles with. Beverly will need her friends when some unexpected things start happening that all four of them can't explain.


3. chapter 3

They had a brief ceremony for crowning the ladies and gentlemen of each element group. I guess I am now the Lady of Terra, which sounds like the Lady of Terror but I guess what I did in the dome earlier was pretty terrifying, so it fits. I will admit, I am very glad that Devon is the Gentleman of Terra. In fact, I don’t just know Devon’s name now. I actually know all of the crowned ladies and gentlemen.

From Caeli, there’s Crystal Ventus and Caspian Avolare. It’s very easy to tell that they are both very much in the proper placement of The Elements! I actually have caught Caspian staring at Crystal like a dog stares at a bone. It’s kinda cute. And I really think they’d make a cute couple, but Crystal doesn’t seem to notice Caspian that much. I mean, he is kind of tall and skinny as a twig. There’s not much there to notice. He seems pretty smitten though. Over the years I’ve learned to pay close attention to people’s attitudes and demeanors so I always seem to notice the little things.

Then there’s the gorgeous Tristy Amnis as the Lady of Aqua, which seems fitting for her. Her gentleman is honestly just too calm. He doesn’t have much of a personality, and his name is Ryker Mare. He did however turn the water into a giant work of art. He used to water to create a scene of two dolphins playing tag. It was quite amusing. Tristy seems really sweet and we’ve actually been talking practically the whole time. With Crystal as well.

Then there’s Marielle Calidi and Reese Cinere from Ignis. I will admit, I’m very jealous that Marielle gets to spend time with Reese because he is a major hunk! He has chestnut brown hair and dreamy eyes. He is like six foot five and totally muscular! I hate to admit it, but he’s even better looking than Devon.

Marielle hasn’t talked much with us. I get the feeling that she’s not a people person. She kind of has been just hanging around with Reese and let me just say I REALLY hope they hit it off because that would be the best couple in the world. They’re both fiery and quite the flirts. I don’t even think Marielle realizes she is flirting hardcore.

Anyway, aside from all of the mushy stuff, it’s been fun so far. We’ve all just been talking and hanging out. The Element Council says that we have this whole week to just get to know each other and have fun before the real training starts. I intend to use my fun wisely, because I know that when training starts, people are going to be looking to me to be absolutely perfect. And that goes for Tristy, Crystal, Marielle, and all of us on stage. Jeez, you move the Moon and all of the sudden you’re expected to do everything else correctly too!

After a long time of just making small talk with random people, I wanted to actually make some close friends. I went back up to the stage where Crystal and Tristy were talking. I see Marielle walking onto the stage as well.

“Hey you two! We were just thinking that maybe us eight should hang out tonight and have a little fun! You know, before training starts.” Crystal says in a joyous tone.

“Sounds cool to me. Where would we hang out though? We haven’t been assigned our dorms yet.” Marielle has a certain sass to her voice.

“Yes we have. Didn’t someone give you your key yet?” Crystal holds up a shiny, silver key.

“I haven’t gotten a key yet.” I answer.

“Neither have I.” Tristy speaks up.

“Ugh! This is so irritating! They should’ve had a system or something so everyone could get their damn key.” There’s the fire from Marielle.

“Marielle,” Tristy begins.

“Mari.” Mari corrects.

“Mari, we can just go ask The Council can’t we? Or, where did you get your key, Crystal?”

“It just kind of appeared in my hand…”

“Great. Just great. What if the key doesn’t even appear? What do we do then?” Mari has quite the temper.

Just then I felt something silver in my hand. I looked in my hand and saw I had my key.

“Got mine.” I hold up my key.

“Great, so everyone is getting theirs but me.” Mari gives the biggest eyeroll I have ever seen in my life.

“I’m sure you’ll get yours soon.” Tristy assures her.

“Hey, what room number are you?” I ask Crystal.

“608 Imperium Street. Huh. Didn’t know they had streets. You?”

“I’m 608 too!”

“Oh my stars this is awesome!”

“Wait, I thought only people with the same chosen element roomed together. Is this a mix-up?” I questioned.

“Now they can’t even get room numbers right? Who runs this place anyway?” Mari seems to be very unpleased with… well… life.

“I do.” Madam Terram walks up behind us.

Madam Terram is so elegant. She is like a hundred and thirty years old, but when you’re a part of The Elements you can use your connection to help rejuvenate you and slow your aging down. It’s one of the perks. She looks as if she’s only in her late fifties. She has a certain way she walks that should make you feel like you don’t matter, but for some reason, it makes you feel as if you’re special. Don’t ask me how she manages to do that, because I have no clue.

We curtsey.

“I was just coming over to congratulate you all, but I see there must be a problem. Is it one which I can help?” Madam Terram’s voice is so poise.

“Well, everyone is getting their room keys, but Tristy and I don’t have ours yet!” Mari pauses, “Um, your highness?”

Madam Terram laughs, “I am not royalty, dear. Just call me Madam. And about your keys, I can tell you four and the four crowned gentlemen already that you will all be sharing the same mansion.”

We all stood there in utter shock. All eight of us? Mansion? Together?

“I’m sure you’re all incredibly confused. Allow me to explain. This year, as we’ve said, we’re doing something new. We’ve crowned the gentlemen and ladies of each elemental section, because we believe that you eight will have the most promising results while training. In fact, you will all be training separately from the others as well. We expect great things from all eight of you.”

This is a lot to take in.

“Your training will be harder, but you will also have intriguing tasks to complete. You will connect fully to your chosen element. The Element Council needs you for what is coming. You are all very valuable to us.” Madam Terram finishes.

“Excuse me, if you don’t mind me asking, what is coming?” Tristy inquiries.

“All in good time darling. Now, I believe it’s time you four and the gentlemen go check out your new home.”

Madam Terram reaches into a small pouch and blows some sparkles on us. I look around and realize everyone had left already, except for us eight who’ve been crowned. I see the guys rushing over to us and I see they’ve been talking to some man from the Council.

“Did you four here about the mansion?” Ryker finally has a personality.

“Yeah, Madam Terram just explained it to us.”

Madam Terram takes out another handful of sparkles and blows it onto the boys.

“You know, I’m beginning to despise sparkles now.” Reese claims.

All of the sudden I feel drowsy and tired. I feel myself swaying back and forth. I look at Cristal, Mari, and Tristy and they are doing the same thing. My eyelids start to close and I can’t keep them open. I lose control of my limbs and they go limp. I crumple to the ground with a loud thud. I feel myself drifting to sleep for some reason. I look up briefly and see Devon standing over me.

“Beverly! Beverly talk to me! Are you okay? Beverly!”

Devon is shaking me and talking to me, but I can’t open my eyes any longer and I can’t find the strength to talk. As I hear the rest of the guys shouting our names, I realize none of us are saying anything back. And then I feel momentarily frightened, and then everything goes black.

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