Elements of Magic

Beverly Scorch is finally eighteen and ready to begin her life as she joins The Elements. She must find herself, as she finds some friends along the way. Her newfound friends, Marielle Calidi, Crystal Ventus, and Tristy Amnis are the perfect people to fight her battles with. Beverly will need her friends when some unexpected things start happening that all four of them can't explain.


2. Chapter 2

The sparkles clear out and I am amazed at what I see. I am standing on a pedestal in a giant, clear dome. There are 99 other pedestals around me, most have people on them, but some are still empty. No, I can’t count that fast, I just know that only 100 are chosen each year and I’m on one, so that leaves 99 left. I look at an empty pedestal, and all of the sudden sparkles appear in the silhouette of a guy’s body and then the sparkles leave and there’s a confused guy standing there. We all look confused.

I peer around at my surroundings inside the dome. There are four different parts of the dome, and it’s pretty easy to guess which part belongs to which element. In the water section, there is a beach. There are large, crashing waves that look so dangerous they scare me. In the fire section, the one my pedestal is nearest to, there are enormous flames of hot, burning fire all around. In the air section, there is tall prairie grass with winds and tornados blowing so hard it’s a miracle those people can stay in place. Lastly, in the Earth section, there are giant trees and tall flowers all over and the ground beneath it all is shaking fiercely. It’s all so… overwhelming!

I’ve been so amazed with my surroundings that I haven’t taken the time to look at myself. Instead of wearing my baggy sweatpants and shirt I woke up in, I am now wearing a floor length, red, skintight dress, with orange and yellow flames burning at the end of my dress. Instead of my hair being it’s usual wavy mess, it has been elegantly curled into spirals that fall just past my shoulder blades. I turn around and look at my reflection in the glass of the dome. My face looks completely different. I’ve only ever worn a small amount of makeup, but now my eyeliner is winged, my eyelashes are curled, and my lips are a bright red. I look… pretty.

I look around at everyone. Every girl near me has on the same dress, makeup, and hairstyle as me, and every guy near me is wearing a red and black tuxedo with their hair slicked back.

The girls by the water section have blue, flowy dresses on with water droplets forming on the bottom. They have way less makeup on than I do. They only have clear, glossed lips, and a tiny bit of blue mascara. Their hair has beautiful beach waves that I’m honestly jealous of. The guys wear blue and white polo shirts, khaki pants, and sandals. It kind of makes me laugh for some reason. Their hair has no product in it, and is just worn as what I’m guessing is their natural, every-day, hair state.

The girl’s near the air section are absolutely gorgeous! I’m stunned by their greyish/silver, sparkling, princess style dresses with a slight breeze blowing at the bottom. Their hair is worn in a very neat bun on the top of their heads. Their makeup is breathtaking. They have shimmery, silver eyeshadow and silver mascara and eyeliner. They have sparkly lipgloss on as well. Everything about them just sparkles. Then guys are very classy and elegant looking as well. They have on silver tuxedo vests and silver dress pants. Their hair is gelled up into a spiky hairdo that is kind of hard to describe. Let’s just say, I can’t wait to mingle after The Trials.

No dresses and looks could beat the girls from the air section, but a close second are the one’s from Earth. They have on ruffled, green dresses that sound hideous as I try to find the words to describe them, but are actually quite beautiful. Their hair is pulled up into a curly top bun with a lovely tiara made of leaves and vines. It looks like they aren’t wearing any makeup, which makes sense because the Earth is all natural. They look stunning. The guys are wearing green and brown plaid shirts with baggy jeans. Their hair is down and flat. Everyone looks their part.

“Hello,” a deep, booming voice comes on over a speaker and everyone is startled, “and welcome to The Academy of Elements!”

Everyone starts to cheer, so I join in.

“You one-hundred have been specially selected to join The Elements because we believe you have promising capabilities. Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on. Allow Madam Terram, the lead of The Element Council to explain.” The booming voice finishes.

We all start clapping. Everyone knows who Madam Terram is. She is the one who founded The Elements for those of us who have found our special gifts. She is caring and intelligent, and a bit feisty or dramatic at times. She is the very definition of Terra. The bottom line is, none of us would be here if it weren’t for her. We’re all very thankful for what she has done for all of us.

“Thank you. Thank you all for choosing to join us. Now, let me just cut to the chase about what you’ll be doing here today. As you’ve already figured out, there are four sections to this dome. You each have been placed in a section according to your family history. However, it does not mean that it’s the section you’ll be staying in. Your clothing and locket or pin,” I look and see that all of the guys are wearing pins. I guess it would be stupid for them to wear lockets. “will change based on which section you’re in.”

I look at my locket. It has the Ignis symbol of fire on it and not the other three element symbols.

“Let me begin explaining what your goal is. Depending on which section you’re in, you must use your connection to the best of your abilities and show The Element Council what you each can do with your gift. Create the biggest hurricane, or the strongest tornado, or incinerate a forest, or grow a garden the size of the Château de Versailles! It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you prove to us where you truly connect to. If you cannot connect to what we believe is the best of your abilities, we will move you to a new section. And when we believe you have found your section, we will take you out of the dome, and that will be your chosen element for the rest of your life. And this year, we’re adding a little fun to it! Whoever we think is the best lady and gentleman of each section will be crowned Lady and Gentleman of Caeli, Aqua, Ignis or Terra! Are you ready?”

Everyone shouted and cheered. There was not a dull face in the dome. All of the sudden, the lights went out and our cheering stopped. The lights flared back up, and instead of the dome having big crashing waves and tornadoes and earthquakes and scorching fires, it was calm. Then a countdown clock appeared in the middle of the dome. Ten seconds would determine the rest of my life. Eight seconds until I had to impress a panel of extremely talented people. Five seconds until I would have to find where I truly belong in the world. Two seconds until I find out who I really am.


The pedestals shot us forward into the section we were placed in. I momentarily forgot what my purpose of being in this dome was, then as soon as it hit me, I was running. I needed to start the biggest fire of my life. I put both hands out infront of me as if I were telling someone to stop. Each element had a different way of being channeled. I blocked out all the sounds around me, which was not easy. I focused on one word; fire. I focused on that word until my hands grew hot. I looked at the ground as a tiny flame began to appear right up from the ground. I had to keep channeling. The flame grew larger, about a foot tall.

I looked around and saw other people’s flames were already about ten feet tall. In the distance I saw giant tornadoes circling in the same spot. Then there was a guy who couldn’t get his small tornado to stay in the same place. I saw sparkles appear and he was gone. Then I saw more sparkles appear next to me and it was the same guy. They must be switching it up already. I gave him a worried glance and he mouthed ‘it’ll be fine.’ That gave me some comfort, because my two foot tall flame wasn’t doing too well.

All of the sudden I saw sparkles around me and I just kept thinking, This is it. I’m going to disappoint my family. I’ll never be Ignis.

As soon as the sparkles dissipated, I found myself neck deep in water. I’m in the water section. Great. Now I have to form the biggest hurricane I can. I immediately noticed my change in hair and outfit. Next to me, there was a girl who looked so calm it was as if she had formed a hurricane every day of her life. I really hope that isn’t the case though. She had a hurricane forming so large, it was over-taking other people’s hurricanes. And right in the eye of the hurricane, there she was.

She was magnificent. She had beach wavy, brown hair that went all the way to her middle back. Her eyes were green and sparkly and she had a face of concentration and calmness. She glanced at me and gave me a smile. I smiled back in awe. Then she started to sparkle and she was gone. I know they wouldn’t change her element, because she was so perfect at being in Aqua, so they must’ve decided that would be her chosen element.

I saw some more sparkles and realized I haven’t even been attempting to form my own hurricane. I sparkled right into a prairie. I saw a circle of tornadoes around me. And a girl with a bright smile on her face was controlling an eight-hundred foot tornado and she didn’t even seem phased by it. She had her blonde hair up in a neat bun like all of the others, and now me, in the air section. She had beautiful blue eyes that seemed to glow in a way.

I knew I had to be more focused this time though, so I put my hands directly in the air and began to channel the air. The air came right to my fingertips. It was easy to channel the air. I quickly formed my tornado, but I couldn’t get past four-hundred feet. I really tried my best, and as easy as it was to channel air, it was harder to make it do exactly what you wanted it to. After today, I would be really sick of sparkles.

The sparkles fade out once again, and I’m in the most beautiful setting. I am surrounded by flowers and trees and all sorts of beautiful plants. However, I was beginning to lose hope. Maybe I shouldn’t have even been one of the one-hundred that were chosen. Maybe I don’t belong here. I mean, Ignis and Terra are practically enemies, so I highly doubt I’ll do any better with the Earth.

I see a guy to my left, growing a giant palm tree and surrounding it with colorful flowers. He looks just like every other guy in the Earth section except for his eyes. His eyes are like a hazel color. It looks as though he has every color of eye mixed into a single eye color. He sees me looking at him and he looks back at me and we both smile at each other. It was never said that we’re not allowed to talk, but it’s pretty much an unspoken rule.

Okay. It’s time for me to focus. I knelt down on the ground and put both of my hands onto the dirt beneath me. I closed my eyes and focused on one word; Earth. I began thinking of flowers. Rows and rows of different colored flowers. Then I think of the moon and how moonlight would look so pretty against those flowers. Terra people can control the Earth and the moon because they believe they are united at one. Ignis people control the burning Sun though.

I start thinking about the walls of this dome being covered in marvelous flowers. I start thinking of a vegetable garden with herbs. Vines dangling from the top of the dome and fruit hanging from trees. I think of the Earth beneath me shaking and creating a wonderful, destructive noise. I begin to open my eyes when I start to see sparkles. When I open my eyes completely, I’m sitting in a big gathering room on a stage with a few other people and everyone is staring at me as if I’d just moved the moon itself.

I look behind me and peer into the dome. I am absolutely amazed at what I see. Everything I had thought about had actually happened. The flowers, the vines, the fruits and vegetables. Then I looked about the dome and saw the bright, brilliant Moon. I had literally moved the Moon. I was speechless.

I looked down at what I was wearing. I was wearing a golden ball gown and a diamond tiara. I looked at the other’s on stage with me. There were four ladies and four gentlemen. Was I actually… No. I couldn’t have. Did I? Oh my stars. The ladies on stage are wearing the same dress and tiara I am, and the gentlemen all are wearing a nice suite and tie and dress pants, with a crown placed nicely on top of their head. The only things that are different amongst us are our lockets and pins. I look down at the very end and see the girl who has made the giant tornado. She and the gentleman next to her had Caeli symbols. Next to her was the magnificent hurricane girl with another gentleman, and both of them had the Aqua symbol.

One space over was a girl I didn’t recognize. She was extremely pretty though. She had brown shoulder length, straight hair, dark green eyes, and a look that could kill. She looked very powerful. She didn’t look mean or cruel, but she looked like she could snap a bone if she needed to. Next to her was the guy I recognized who had mouthed something to me. He seemed very gentle when I had first met him, so I was shocked to see him wearing the Ignis symbol.

Then there was me. More importantly, standing next to me was the guy who had smiled at me back in the Earth section of the dome. The one who had grown the giant tree and beautiful flowers. He looked over to me at the same time I looked at him.

“Hey.” He said, kind of laughing.

“Hi. That was uh… fun? Weird?” I struggle to find words to describe the experience.

“I’m gonna go with incredible. I mean, what you did. Damn. I don’t think anyone was expecting that. Especially from a girl who has a long line of Ignis in her blood!”

“I don’t think I expected that either,” I laugh, “Oh! And I’m Beverly by the way.”


We both just smiled at each other. I looked down at my locket. This would be the beginning of a whole new life for me. Am I really as powerful as everyone thinks? Is that necessarily a good thing? I guess only time can tell. And believe me, I’ve waited eighteen years to find out who I really am. I’m ready.

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