Elements of Magic

Beverly Scorch is finally eighteen and ready to begin her life as she joins The Elements. She must find herself, as she finds some friends along the way. Her newfound friends, Marielle Calidi, Crystal Ventus, and Tristy Amnis are the perfect people to fight her battles with. Beverly will need her friends when some unexpected things start happening that all four of them can't explain.


1. Chapter 1

I wake up to the sound of humming outside of my window. I sit upright, startled at first. Then I realize what day it is. I’ve known this day would come ever since my tenth birthday. Eight years later, and here I am, still completely unprepared. I knew I would be receiving my letter today, but I haven’t even packed yet. It only takes a few minutes for me to pack though, so I’m pretty much ready to go.

I hop out of my bed and go over to the window. As I open the window, a warm Summer breeze rushes into my room. It smells like lilac and pollen. An odd combination, that I strangely take comfort in. I see a little dove holding an envelope addressed to me. I take it out of its mouth and thank the bird. The bird tweets back at me and flies away swiftly. I begin to open the envelope, when I hear footsteps coming quickly up the stairs.

“Is it hear?” My mom yells, dashing up the stairs into my room.

“Yeah, it just came.” I reply, laughing a little at my mom being out of breath already.

“Goodie! Open it Beverly!” My mother shouts in joy.

“You know Kendal is still sleeping right? She’s only nine so she can’t know yet Mom!”

“Oh, silly me. I’m just so excited for you darling! Now open it!” Mom whispers quietly this time.

I begin to peel back the silver envelope. I admire how shiny it is. I take out a tan looking scroll and unravel it. It reads:


Miss Beverly Scorch,


You have been selected as a young member of The Elements. We would love it if you would join us at our fine academy as you train to become a true Element to the best of your abilities. If you choose to accept, please take this locket and wear it around your neck for The Trials. We would be very pleased to have you!

Whenever you’re ready to come, make sure you have everything you need in your hands and put the locket on. You’ll know what to do when you get here.


Thank you,

The Element Council


“How will I know what to do when I get there? And how do I get there? You went. Do you remember?” I ask.

Mom laughs, “The directions are pretty clear sweetheart. Whenever you’re ready to go, put the locket on. That’s all there is to it. But make sure you’re holding everything! I wasn’t holding onto my shoe bag when I went and believe me, that was a nightmare!”

“I just need to pack really quick.”

“I already packed for you!”

I smile at my well-prepared mother, “Thanks Mom.”

“Look at you sweetie! You’re all grown up!”

“Mom, please. I’m eighteen.”

“I know, I know! I’m just so proud of you. I know you’ll be Ignis, I just know it!”

What my mom just said kind of threw me off guard for some reason. She said I would be Ignis. Where I am going- The Academy of Elements- there are four different groups you can be placed into. There is Ignis, which controls fire, Terra, which controls the Earth, Aqua, which controls the water, and Caeli, which controls the air. They put you into the group that they feel you belong to, which is what The Trials are for. As I’ve said earlier, we are told about The Elements when we turn ten years old. We go to The Academy of Elements on the first day of Summer when we’re eighteen. That gives is eight years to practice connecting with all four elements. We spend two years on each element.

The first two years are spent on the air, because that’s the easiest to connect with. Every element needs a specific personality. For instance, people who are in Caeli usually are a bit timid at times, like a subtle breeze blowing through the air. Other times, they are like a tornado. They can blow up at you when you least expect them to. My mom has told me that Caeli holds the most members because it’s so easy to connect with and most people have that kind of personality. That’s just her opinion though.

The next two years are spent on water. Water is tricky to connect with because you have to be patient and calm. People in Aqua typically are patient and calm. They are gentle as well. However, because they are so calm, they tend to hold in their emotions which usually bubbles up so much after time that they can cause a hurricane if they want to! Usually in Aqua, they are gentle with the water and only use it for good purposes.

Here’s where Ignis comes is. My entire family is practically all Ignis. My dad was even on The Element Council because he was the most powerful Ignis at the time. But then the incident happened and he was banished from the council and incinerated. I don’t like to talk about the reason why though. Basically, everyone expects me to be Ignis as well, but honestly, I’ve never really felt a strong connection with fire. I don’t even have the Ignis personality. They are typically hot headed and angry and lack control. My mom had to work on her control for years, and she may seem happy all the time, but when I forget to do my chores… yikes!

Saying those things makes Ignis members look like total jerks, which don’t get me wrong, some are, but that’s not the case for everyone. There are perks in the Ignis personality. They stick up for the people they care about no matter what. They are also very loyal. And take this from a person who lives with a whole family of Ignis, they will always be honest even when it hurts! And I mean hurts! But like I said, there’s never been a connection with fire and me.

That of course brings it to the last two years which are spent connecting with Earth. Earth is by far the hardest to connect with, but it is also by far the most powerful. Earth is all around everything, so there’s so much you can do with it. Unlike the other elements, I’ve always felt my strongest connection to Earth. That scares me though, because Ignis and Terra are rivals. Sometimes the Ignis with set fire to the Earth. Then Aqua and Caeli are forced to choose sides. Aqua always sides with Terra because Water and Earth coincide to conquer Air and Fire. It’s not easy though, because Caeli fuels Ignis and makes it stronger. It makes me wonder, that if I am Terra, will I fued with my family?

It would be nearly impossible for me to be Terra though. I come from such a long line of Ignis that to become Terra would be almost unheard of. The only way I’ll find out is after I go through The Trials.

I give my mom a shy smile, “I think I’m ready to go.”

“I know you’re ready. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I give my mom a big hug and gather everything in my hands. I make sure I’m holding my shoe bag so I don’t make Mom’s mistake. I give my mom another smile, my eyes getting slightly teary. I take the locket and put it around my neck, just now realizing the beauty of it. It has a pure, gold chain with a golden clasp. It’s separated into four sections like the four elements. Each section has the symbol for each element. Orange gusts of wind for Caeli, blue waves for Aqua, red flames for Ignis, and green leaves and vines for Terra. As soon as I clasped the chain on put the locket down, I saw what looked like a million sparkles surrounding me. And just like that, it was time to start The Trials.

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