When You Fall, I'll Catch You Every Time

Bellorie. The only girl in the world that Caelen cares about. Shon. The sneaky little bastard that stole her away. Caelen. The boy she loved more than anything, from the day he fell into her life.


2. Well, Shit.

Bellorie POV


The day I met Shon was the day I decided to put my fake ID to use. Went to a club, next thing you know I'm making out with a guy. And then we started dating. He gave me his number, we went out, the likes. Anyhoo, so one night I come home from my shift at the gym and I'm real pissed. You know how it is. So I come home looking for a little bit of sympathy. And when I get home, there's Shon. Sitting in the couch, shaking a couple caps in his hand. See, he has this impossibly annoying habit of drinking beer then shaking the caps around so they make this FUCKING ANNOYING clinka clinkatty clink!!! sound and it's like SHUT UP MOTHERFUCKER I NEED A KISS and THEN. He tells me he fucking FORGOT TO GRAB CHINESE TAKEOUT ON HIS WAY HOME FROM WORK. LIKE I ASKED HIM TO FIVE FUCKING TIMES. So I do the rational thing. I shove him out the door and lock it behind him.


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