When You Fall, I'll Catch You Every Time

Bellorie. The only girl in the world that Caelen cares about. Shon. The sneaky little bastard that stole her away. Caelen. The boy she loved more than anything, from the day he fell into her life.


3. That's A Fatass Bird

Caelen POV

I walked down the stairs of the Palledin, dreading the next few minutes. See, I had been caught stealing down on earth. Illegal in the Endarkyned world AND the human one. Crap. So I'm standing out here, awaiting my trail before a panel of Endarkyned judges, but I'm not that worried. The worst they'll do is put me on probation, watch me for a bit, then it'll all go back to normal. "Ahem!"coughed some duck up from the council. "You may enter now." I walked through the overly dramatic arches and into the white quartz room where I would be judged. It was all protocol: they layed put the charges, old me what I had done, them proceeded to list the punishment I would receive. That was where it all went to shit. "Caelen Warfield, your punishment will be the stripping of your wings and banishment to earth for an indefinite amount of time." Then they cut off my wings. It was flame. Flames raced down my back and burned my beautiful jet black wings away. I might have screamed. I don't know. And then I was falling. Falling through a mist of vapor, the stomach-dropping feeling unsettling. Then I landed on a girl. "Fuck!" She snapped, rubbing her head. I lay on top of her, and I think I was crushing one of her arms. "You're one fatass bird!" Bellorie O' Connelly snarled. The Endarkyned sure do have a sick sense of humor.


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