a demon childs job

ever wonder how to get into hell? how you become a demon? well just follow this demon child as she recounts her tail in a short story. but beware, don't look into her eyes or you will be in hells hands before you can say heaven.


3. on my way

It happens so fast. my deal with the devil. my mission. I’m already in new clothes. Heading back to the surface with a new look in my eye. My left eye open and normal. My right, the one of a devil. A patch covering it and its power to kill. The ground cracks open. And I appear. People litter the ground. Staring at me in shock. Beauty and danger mixed. I walk away from them all as the ground close’s and looks as if nothing happened. My clothes expose most of my skin. Making me look like a model. Boys stare at me but I ignore them, well, after giving them a wink that kills them instantly. the world goes from bright and sunny to dark and gloomy.

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