a demon childs job

ever wonder how to get into hell? how you become a demon? well just follow this demon child as she recounts her tail in a short story. but beware, don't look into her eyes or you will be in hells hands before you can say heaven.


5. gotcha


In the city, we find demon men. I go with the leader. We change our appearance and head for the high school. For the boy who has sinned more than us when we were alive. We walk in. the school already considers us students. We go through classes but cause mayhem, I got 20 detentions in one day, new record! We find the boy later. In his gang. I walk up to him and he looks up. I touch him and he falls under my spell. I pull him a few steps away, kissing him and taking away his breath. When he is starting to struggle for air I take off my eye patch. He stairs into the eye realising what has happened. In seconds, he is dead and his soul going down to hell. Not to help make the world a better place but to strike fear into others and to feed us. I let my sisters and brothers feed on the rest of the gang. Me and their leader feed on the body of the boy. We leave their body’s behind in pieces. Ripped to shreds. Their hearts and brains missing. Their blood sucked out. Their eyeballs missing as well. A few arms here. A few there. We drive away in a van. We stay in a motel. We do as we please. But our job is not done. So, we will stay. Until hell calls us back to its beautifully ugly self. Until then we will kill. We will destroy. And we will fill hell’s need for blood and souls…

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