a demon childs job

ever wonder how to get into hell? how you become a demon? well just follow this demon child as she recounts her tail in a short story. but beware, don't look into her eyes or you will be in hells hands before you can say heaven.


4. demon family

I find a motorcyclist who looks almost too easy to convince. One touch and he’s mine. He looks up at me as I approach looking like an ordinary girl, well, as ordinary as any demon could get. My old self is gone. I’m bad now. And I like it. I can’t die. We zoom away. We end up at a motorcyclist meet up. It’s in an older part of the old city. At an old bar. I choose my pray and move in. Other girls like me join me. but we don’t just want to play. Or at least I don’t. we find a man who will be easy prey. He’s single. Fun. I sit on his lap and rub up against him. He rubs me with a look of longing in his eyes. I take hold of his face and turn it so that I can get to his neck. My eyepatch still intact. I lick the area I’m going for. He shudders. He’s a dirty man. A player. A cheater. A bonus. I bite. He doesn’t speak. Everyone around us is too drunk or just not paying enough attention to notice me feeding. The girls doing as I say. My new followers hold him down as he struggles and I drink. Soon he’s no longer moving. I wipe my mouth of blood a smile at the other girls. They smile back and we leave the dead man. We look deadly. We find other men and get rides into the city where me prey is hiding. But he doesn’t know that I’m coming

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