a demon childs job

ever wonder how to get into hell? how you become a demon? well just follow this demon child as she recounts her tail in a short story. but beware, don't look into her eyes or you will be in hells hands before you can say heaven.


1. death

Crimson red blood flows down my arm. Soaking it. I like the pain it causes. But I don’t know why. My clothes turn ruby red. So much blood. So much death. I’m the last standing. Bodies litter the floor around me. So many that you can’t count them. so ugly and yet so beautiful. The ground turning into a river of their blood. Soon I’m crying tears of blood. My other arm turns crimson red. One more. Just one more hit. And I’m gone. Free from this torture of beauty, happiness and love that doesn’t help you when you need it and instead leaves you in the dark. I smile as the man I knew as father pulls the trigger. Sending me to hell and back. The world goes black and white but I’m not scared. I embrace it like the old friend that it is. I’m finally free…

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