Thick Skin

(Entry for Diversity Competition)

There was once a time where young girls were free. They happily ate ice cream, pizza, and cakes. There once was a time before they were scared to see a number. This time is gone.


1. A fantasy world

There once was a world where girls weren't in fear

But now it's everywhere, it's there and here

There once was a woman who looked different

Because of this she was hurt, and that's just how it went

The woman had bigger hips and a bigger waistline

She thought she looked stunning, she looked fine

But this new world created a face that was "perfect" today

And that was not the way the different woman looked, not okay

This created a world where young girls cried as they watched food

As numbers ruled their days, and the mirror decided their mood

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" was no longer true to all of thee

The beautiful woman with bigger hips was told no by society 

The world wonders why when a girl sees a number, she cries

Because society teaches that everything diverse must die 

Humans are becoming robots, chained to ideals and a goal so small

That they are willing to die just to see something disappear for them all

 The world wants diversity, yet they praise the words "cheat" 

They want different looks but they think of food as a "treat"

Diversity is the beauty that teaches young girls to be free

If not for bigger bodies, if not for different race, I don't know me

Diversity must thrive for the younger generation, we must fight

If society is blind, how will the youth ever see the light?

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