Life As It Goes

This story is about Tracy who is unsure about love. All because:-

1. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her so that makes her not to fall in love again.

2. She's having messed up feelings.

3. She thinks all the boys are the same.

But somehow she thinks she fell in love with her brother's best friend who has just arrived from London.

At the same time, her own best friend, Dave is totally in love with her.

He even asked her to be his girlfriend but she said no cause she look at him has a brother...

Well, will her feelings for him change to love?

Or is she in love with her brother's best friend?



4. OMG

Amy's P.O.V

I'm nervous. Tracy and Dave doesn't know that I'm going on a date with Jordan Maxwell. Okay wait it's not a date it's just a normal dinner. I'm freaking out, how am I suppose to tell them?

I'm afraid that they won't like him. But Tracy knows that I have a crush on him since I first met him at the park. Oh my god. This is hard.

"Amy? Are you day dreaming?".  Tracy asks elbowing me. "Uh..huh? What?". I blinked my eyes a few times before I came to reality. I shake my head and saw Tracy and Dave smiling at me.

"Are you dreaming about your Aunty's son?". Dave ask with smirk. "Dave stop it".  Says Tracy. Dave rolled his eyes and said.

"Oh come on...that's obvious look at her turning into a tomato". Tracy turns her head to look at me and smiled. I shake my head and said "No it's not like that. I have something to tell you guys...It's really important".

My heart's beating fast.

Dave and Tracy nods. Asking me to proceed. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and I started, "Guys I'm going to a dinner to night with Jordan Maxwell".  Then I opened my eyes exhaling and found Tracy and Dave's mouth forming a 'O'.

They look at each other and Tracy drink a glass of water. And she started firing her questions. To my surprise Dave is also nodding to her question.

"When, where, how, why and what is going on?". Tracy asks. "We were texting about his sister's wedding and suddenly he asked me if I'm free. And I said yes, then he asked me if I want to have a dinner with him and I said yes". I ended the 'explanation' with a smile.

Tracy looks at Dave before asking me, "It's not a date?". She looks disappointed. Dave sighs and said, "Finally he takes a step forward".  Tracy nodded at him smiling. Dave returns the smile too. What are they talking about? Are they hiding something from me?

I hope they don't.

"I don't know.. it's just a dinner I guess". I said disappointed too and continued. "The thing is that...I don't know what to wear, that's reason why I asked Tracy's help though". Tracy smiles and said. "Okay now I get it...Let's go then". Standing and now opening her purse and took out 40 dollars and paid Dave.

"Keep the change. Today I'm so freaking happy." She says to Dave. Dave chuckles and said,"Thanks." And with that we get out of the café.


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