Life As It Goes

This story is about Tracy who is unsure about love. All because:-

1. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her so that makes her not to fall in love again.

2. She's having messed up feelings.

3. She thinks all the boys are the same.

But somehow she thinks she fell in love with her brother's best friend who has just arrived from London.

At the same time, her own best friend, Dave is totally in love with her.

He even asked her to be his girlfriend but she said no cause she look at him has a brother...

Well, will her feelings for him change to love?

Or is she in love with her brother's best friend?



2. My Two Best Friends


He started talking. "Are you guys up to something today?". He asked. I rolled my eyes and said, "Ask her..she texted me early in the morning at about 7am something JUST to ask me if I can accompany her to shopping mall".

He just smiles. "What's up Amy? Amy?". He asked her. Waving in front of her face. I turned my head to see if Amy's gonna answer that question cause she didn't tell me exactly why she wanted to shop today. But guess what? She's day dreaming.

Dave clap his hand in front of her face, and finally she's awake from her day dream. "Uhh..did you guys ask me something just now?". She said while taking a deep breath.

"Yeahh..he asked you a question...". I nod at Dave he smiles and shakes his head. "Your so funny Amy..I ask you if there's anything that you're up to today. "He ask that with a big smile.

"No..nothing just wanna shop with Tracy". She said. "Okay? But don't you guys have class today?". Dave ask with a confused look. I answered his question first.

"I don't have class today..But tomorrow yes". I said. "Mine is tomorrow too. I don't have class today". Dave says. "I have a class today a 5pm.".Amy says frowning. I smirked at her and said.

"Then why do you want to shop today? We can shop tomorrow or maybe on Saturday". I said to make her spill everything. "I just want to shop with you..Is that wrong? I just wanna spend more time with you". I laughed and shake my head.

"Is not wrong that she wants to spend time with you..she has no one else but you Tracy. Am I right Amy?". She nods and mumbled. "Yeahh..".I smiled and put my arm on her shoulder.

She smiled too and says "You have her too're not alone too. Right Tracy?". She elbowed me.


That hits me..really hard from my brain straight right into the heart. I looked up to see Dave's face. He is staring at me too. We're like talking by using 'teleporthicly'. "Yeah..he has me too..". As I say that he looked away from me.

I still remembered when Dave proposed to me to be his date when we were 20 years old. But I said No because I looked at him as a brother more then a friend. Hence, we both agree to not talk about it again. And of course It's a secret that even Amy doesn't knows. Dave just kept silent for awhile.

I saw his expression that he wanted to tell me something. Right on time Amy got a call to attend It's from her aunt. She excuse her self and went out of the cafe to talk with her aunt.

"Tracy..". Dave started just as soon as she's gone. "Can we talk?".He asked. "Yeah sure Dave". I said while forcing myself to smile. "That bastard..Alex came here yesterday".



Who do you think ALEX FINDSON is?

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