Life As It Goes

This story is about Tracy who is unsure about love. All because:-

1. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her so that makes her not to fall in love again.

2. She's having messed up feelings.

3. She thinks all the boys are the same.

But somehow she thinks she fell in love with her brother's best friend who has just arrived from London.

At the same time, her own best friend, Dave is totally in love with her.

He even asked her to be his girlfriend but she said no cause she look at him has a brother...

Well, will her feelings for him change to love?

Or is she in love with her brother's best friend?



1. My Name Is Tracy Hamilton


Early in the morning, when im having my beautiful sleep..someone destroyed it by calling me. Oopss!

Wait...its a text message. I thought its a text from my brother,Andy,who always annoys me. Well,speaking of my brother,he's three years older than me.

Ohw..wait you guys didn't know my age right? I haven't told you guys,well then let me introduce myself. My name is Tracy Hamilton. I'm 22 years old.I'm a girl who has everything but a job.

Yea, I dont have a job. That's the reason why my brother,A.K.A.; Andy Hamilton always naggs at me. He always gives me advises about finding a job,but even if i got one it doesn't suits me at all.

Uggh! You know the kind of job that bores you off. So,he takes my father's place for advising me since our father is gone 2 years ago.

He died because of cancer. But that doesn't make me sad or lifts me i enjoy my life as long as i could..just like now i was sleeping and then I've got a text..

So, I read from whom the text was from before i read the contents and i'm shocked to see that it's from my best friend, Amy Middleton. She's my best friend since i was 13 years old. So,i read the shows.

Heyya! are you free today?

~i text her as soon as i read her message.~

Yeah..why any problem?

No,jst askin if u're free today..Can we go shopping??


You text me early in the morning just to ask me if i want to shop with you?!

She's crazy.. and that's why i love her so much.

Yeah, cause i know you're not busy..Are you busy or something??

I texted her as soon as i can.

No i'm not.what time do u wanna go?

She texted me back after three seconds. 10 maybe? Yeah i'll pick you up at 10am

10?!Uggh! But i know there's nothing i could do but say 'okay'

Okay,i'll get ready..bye

As soon as i finished texted her,I waited for her reply but i didn't get any. So,I get out of the bed and stretch my body for a long time and headed to kitchen to have a cup of coffee. By the time i sat on the chair,I receive a text from Amy. It's shows...

Soorry late reply..was taking bath..Thanks anyway. I'll pick you up at 10am.See Ya'

I texted her back.

Okay..see ya'at 10

As soon as I texted her I went to have my shower. After I finished having my shower, I was thinking about the outfit I should wear. I opened my closet and searched for the best outfit that I could find.

So, I throw on my best outfit which is; a blue lace top, and a black tight jeans. Well, I couldn't find anything better cause all that was stuffed in my closet is jeans and tops. (THAT DON'T REALLY CATCHES ANYONE'S EYES)

I glanced at the clock and there's still an hour or so before Amy comes, so I went to the kitchen to have my breakfast. When I was about to toast some breads for me, I heard a *HONK* *HONK*

I was like WHO THE HELL?!

I glanced over the mirror from my kitchen and saw Amy is here. SHE'S HERE?! I was about to shout at her from the kitchen mirror, but I didn't. So, I went to my room and took my iPhone to text her.


After two seconds she text me back.

You know that i like to Freak you out..

Oh god AMY MIDDLETON seriously..I shake my head and texted her.


I pressed send and rolled my eyes.

Hahaha..yea I thought maybe we can have breakfast together..

Revenge time..hehe

Okay then but the breakfast is on Leonne's

hehe..I am not paying for my breakfast. She's going to pay it. I can save the bread. Lol, just kidding. Just as soon as I texted her I go to the drawer at my room and took out my purse and put it in the bag and shut the door behind me.

I take my house key and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. How thirsty I am that time. After drinking two glasses of water, I got a message from Amy.

Okay no problem at all :)

I quickly grab my bag and lock the door behind me. I ran a little to Amy's car. She smiles cheekily at me as I get in the car and buckle up the seat belt.

"Sorry,I've rushed you this morning". She says it in low voice and half smiling and half frowning.

"Nevermind..It's not like I have something better to do". I said replying with a big smile. Then I add. "The breakfast is on you remember?". I laughed coldly.

"You're right".As she says that she started driving already. So,now we headed to Leonne's restaurant cafe. Our best friend works there even though It's his own dad's business.

His name is Dave Leonne. He has a browny-coloured eyes and brown hairs. From far he looks like Dylan O'Brien. Or maybe...I dont know, he's just acttractive.

Yea, he's attractive,charming and handsome as hell. Me and Amy usually go to his dad's restaurant every Saturday to meet up or to gather up together. But there's a another reason why we're really close..It's because his dad is our dads best buddy. So..yeah you know..


We arrived at the restaurant. We parked the car and enter the restaurant. I heard my stomach started come on I didn't take my breakfast in the morning that's why you're making sounds. (You mean-my stomach)


The sound of bell clings as soon as we both got in. "What you gonna eat today?". Amy asked me smiling.

"Hmm..let's see". We sat on the bar side the one with high stool. "Thank you for coming..what would you like for breakfast this morning?". Asked the handsome waiter that I mentioned before this.

Which is Dave our buddy."Hey, handsome". Amy says. He smiles and laughed coldly and very manly. I laughed lightly too. "Come on,what do you wanna have for breakfast?".

He said tapping the table with his fingers. "Give me your best pancake Dave". Amy said. "With a cup of coffee". After she's done he looks up at me nod lightly. You know the -how about you- nod.

I said "Chicken and waffles". Amy smirks. "And-". I was interupted. "A cup of Americano". Dave cut me off with a smile. "How did you know that I'm gonna say that?". I asked raising one of my eyebrow.

And he replied with a smirk on his face. "Come on..Tracy you've been ordering the same thing since this cafe was opened..". He said. "And he knows It's your favourite,Dude". Amy says that. I rolled my eyes and replied, "Everyone has a favourite food and drink".

"Damn true...".Dave says that when his half way to the kitchen. We heard him shout at his workers. "Lets serve our two beautiful customer this morning with our best pancakes and Chicken and Waffles for our 'VIP' lady over there...also with a cup of brewed coffee and a cup of Americano..You guys okay with it?!". We heard 'yeahs' and 'yeaps' when he gets out of the kitchen and walking toward us. Dave threat the workers friendly not rudely. As soon as he reach our table he sat on the stool in front of us.

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