Life As It Goes

This story is about Tracy who is unsure about love. All because:-

1. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her so that makes her not to fall in love again.

2. She's having messed up feelings.

3. She thinks all the boys are the same.

But somehow she thinks she fell in love with her brother's best friend who has just arrived from London.

At the same time, her own best friend, Dave is totally in love with her.

He even asked her to be his girlfriend but she said no cause she look at him has a brother...

Well, will her feelings for him change to love?

Or is she in love with her brother's best friend?



3. My Ex

Tracy's P.O.V

"Alex Findson??!." I shouted cause I'm really shocked, that he came finding for me after he betrayed me. " Hushh...." Dave hush me with his palm over my mouth cause I probably shouted a bit to loud until all the other customers and workers looking at us. I pat his hand away and asked. "Alex came here? why? what does he want?".  I whispered to him. Curious cause Dave seems to know everything.

"He asked me your phone number". He says while wiping out some glasses.

"And you give him?". I asked. Tell me you didn't... tell me you didn't..i trusted you Dave!

"You think I'm a idiot? After all he did to you? Come on, Tracy I'm your.." He sighed and continued. " friend".

"Thanks Dave... really". Dave is my best friend. I know he understands me. After all that bastard did to me there is no chance I'm gonna forgive him.

5 months ago...


I went to my boyfriend, Alex's house. It's Saturday so we usually hangout watching TV, kissing, cuddling and of course it's not a date without pizza. But today is a special day it's his birthday, I figured I should give him a surprise. So I went to his house without telling him that I'm coming over.

As soon as I reached his house, I'm excited for the surprise.. And I wasted no time to meet him but when I was about to knock the door of his house I saw a pink High heels beside his shoes.

I thought maybe his mom is here. So I knocked the door but it's not not locked. It's not even closed in the first place! I panicked. Maybe someone broke in? Nahh.. no way. So I get into the house and it's pretty messy I'll say. He's dirty freak. But that's not stopping me from loving him. I smiled at the situation and continued walking toward his room. I opened his bedroom's door.

My whole world turn into darkness when I opened the door. Alex is sucking other girl's face off. He's on top of her, it's obvious that his playing a full attention on sucking that girl's face until he doesn't even realise that I'm here. That girl eye's widened, she saw me. "What's up babe?". Alex asked her. She stayed silent. Alex turned around and his face panicked. "Tracy...I-I baby..". He reached out for me. But I don't let him. Instead I said "Don't touch me you bloody shit!..". It pissed me off.

"Baby..It's not what you think.. I swear–". I cut him off. Again he reached out for me but I push him backwards. Tears running down my cheeks like waterfall. " lied. You lied to me. You cheated on me with that bitch! You told me you love me! Where's the proof? This shows that your an asshole! I hate you! We're done! We're done! You get that?! Don't face me anymore!". I was about to leave but he grabs my wrist. "Baby, don't leave me. Please I beg you. Give me another chance, baby please". I glanced over the girl he was making out with a few seconds ago.

Maybe I should give him a chance. Wait! What? No! He made out with a slut! He cheated on you Tracy! WAKE UP!

I shake my head. No not anymore. He looks at me with apologetic eyes. But it doesn't work. "No..We're done. Don't call or text me anymore!". He shake his head disbelief. "Baby, please...I love you". He whines. I shake my head and said. "Sorry, Alex. You broke my heart. And you know what? I'm happy that I never went to far with you.". 

With that I leave his room and then his house. Tears are still running down my cheeks. And I remind my self  to never ever get into any relationship from now on.


"Tracy? Tracy? Tracy!". Sound of someone calling out my name. Dave is waving in front of my face. I'm day dreaming about my past. "What happen are you okay?". He asked me with a worried eyes.

I shake my head faking a smile and said. "I just..nothing". He glance over Amy who is still talking to her aunty, then turns back to me. He sighs and nodded. I turned my back and watch Amy's returning to us with a big smile on her face.

"Sorry, if I keep you guys waiting". She says it with a sigh. Dave shake his head and chuckles. "What you're aunty said?". I asked her. "She's coming over..bringing along his SON". She sighs again.

Me and Dave looked at her, and then we looked at each before we burst out laughing. "What's so funny?". Amy asked with a annoyed looking face. We're still laughing shaking our heads.

"It's obvious that she wanted you to get-to-know her son..".  I said smirking at her. She's turning red. It's really funny to see my friend blush.

"She probably started on wedding plans already... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a uncle soon". Dave says laughing. I joined his laugh.

"Guys! Seriously? Stop it..eww Dave I'm gonna get you back on this". She narrowed her eyes at Dave. He raise his hands up and surrenders to her. I just smile. I love my friends and I will always love them.


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