Arranged Marriage

Emily is forced to be married to her cousin by her parents. Who is her brother's best friend. Who is also her ex-crush.
Ex-crush? Oh yeah she has a new crush..who is actually the school's baddest boy.
Her brother hates him for a reason that makes sense..but she still likes him.

But Emily finally agrees to marry her ex-crush..why?

1. cause she has no other choice?
2. cause she still has the same feelings?
3. cause she found that she loves him?

Well you want to know something about her ex-crush right?
Coz come on he's the hero of the story.


So he has a feelings for her since he first meet her...he tries to make her like him...well...can he?

This story is different totally different..

#family #love

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1. Typical Morning

"Emily!!! for god's sake we're gonna be late again!". That's my brother Shawn shouting at me cause we're late for school. "Coming!!!". I shouted running downstairs and nearly tripped over our cat, Oreo.

That's what we named him cause his black and white in colour. "Kids your breakfast!". My mom is the most wonderful woman in the world cause she serves us breakfast even though we're late. "No mom..not now". Shawn says. When I'm heading to the kitchen to have my breakfast but he-my brother grab my wrist.

"Not now sissy..I'll buy you McDonald's breakfast on the way". He says and I rolled my eyes.

"Fine! Come on then lets go". I punched his left arm softly and run away from him. "Hey!". He shouted. "Hurry up! We're gonna be late!". I'm already in his car that time and buckled up my seatbelt. He get in the car and says, "You're full of shit owe me 5 bucks if I'm late again".

I chuckled but didn't say anything cause I know I always lose whenever it comes to fighting words with him. My phone buzzed. I took out my phone from my pocket and saw a text message from my friend.

Claudia: You're late again.

Me : Shit. Is prof in yet?

Claudia: You're lucky he's not

Me : good will be there in 10min

Claudia: okay:)

I exhaled and told my brother "We're late again". He nods and says, "I know that..and you owe me 5 bucks". I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Fine..I'll give you later". The rest of the ride was silent.

----after 6minutes----

"We're here". Shawn says. I get out of his car and said, "Big day ahead brother good luck". I walked to him and kissed his cheek, he kissed my cheeks back and said, "If there's any problem you know where to find me".

I smiled and walk pass him and hurried to class. That's best thing about having a brother. I'll never regret having a brother. When I'm rushing to my class I bumped into someone.

Someone which is a guy. My papers and pen fall of my grip and now is on the floor. "Shit.shit.shit". I'm swearing alot I know. "'s okay. Let me help".

I never know who that was until he bend down to help me out. He's my brother's best friend, Grayson. He has dark brown eyes and brown short hair but not that short. His known as the school's most hottest guy.

Guess who's the second one..Shawn. My brother of course. All my friends and enemies think I'm lucky to have them both beside me all the time. "It's okay. I can do it myself.. bye". I stand up and walk passed him without even saying thank you. He opens his mouth to say something but I just walked passed him.

----in the class----

"So the x is equalled to y..". When our teacher Ms.Maddy explains how x and y are equalled I got bored. Seriously math is like a brain torture. No wonder it's called MATH as in:

M- Mental

A- Abuse

T- To

H- Human

I heard laughter across the room. I turned around and saw several boys walking pass our class. Those boys known as 'playboy' all of them. Even I admit that.

But one of the boy is my crush. His name is Joe.He's a senior For me his the hottest guy in our school,not my brother or his best friend.

"Emily..Emily!".I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw Ms.Maddy in front of me. I smiled nervously. "Err..sorry". I said.

She smiled a little and said."Can I have a little time with you after school,Emily?". Darn it! That's mean I've got myself a 'detention' or 'counseling' or whatever they call that. I'm so dead if my mom knew this and my dad of course.

"Okay...". I nod. After class ended I saw my friend, Claudia walking towards me. "Hey!". She pats my shoulder. "Hey...what class do we have after this?". I smiled and packed my things. "Art I guess...". She said studying me carefully.

"Yesss..We have Art now". I turned my head to the left and saw my another best friend heading toward us. Her name is Jennifer, but we call her Jenny. "Good". I said still packing my things up.

Claudia knew something is up. "Are you going to skip class?". She asked. I stayed silent cause I don't want them to take that as a big deal. "You've gotta be kidding, Em". Jenny said sitting down in the chair in front of me.

"I'll be out for only half an hour..I'll be back..and I'm not skipping class". I said standing up waving good-bye. They just watch me leave the class. They never stop me they just nod.

So...that's the starting of the story

What you guys think?

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