Arranged Marriage

Emily is forced to be married to her cousin by her parents. Who is her brother's best friend. Who is also her ex-crush.
Ex-crush? Oh yeah she has a new crush..who is actually the school's baddest boy.
Her brother hates him for a reason that makes sense..but she still likes him.

But Emily finally agrees to marry her ex-crush..why?

1. cause she has no other choice?
2. cause she still has the same feelings?
3. cause she found that she loves him?

Well you want to know something about her ex-crush right?
Coz come on he's the hero of the story.


So he has a feelings for her since he first meet her...he tries to make her like him...well...can he?

This story is different totally different..

#family #love

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3. Secrets

So yayy! this is Chapter 3..

Grammar errors ahead

Emily's P.O.V

"Why the hell did you tell him that?!". I shouted at Shawn. "Tell what?". He asked. "You lied to him!!. I know we're not going anywhere this weekend and for fuck's sake I have no any class attend!! Why did you lied to him??!". I shouted.

Grayson just stood there watching both of us. Shawn looked at Grayson and sighs. "You know why! I don't like him!". Shawn shouted. I narrowed my eyes at him angrily and said. "What is that got to do with my crush?!".


I just mentioned the word crush in front of Grayson.

Oh God.

I hope he doesn't tell anyone. I look at him the time after I mentioned the word crush, he looks right into my eyes. He looks heartbroken. Meanwhile, Shawn said "He's a playboy Em..even you know it..I don't like you being with him". Shawn sighs when he says the last word.

Shawn's P.O.V

God. Emily just mentioned the word crush in front of my best friend, Grayson. He's got a crush on my sister. It's written all over his face, even though he never told me that before. I know he likes my sister by the way he looks at her.

I turn to see Grayson's face when Emily mentioned the word 'crush' in front of him. His eyes are glassy as if his holding up his tears from running down his cheeks.(a little too much I know) He froze on spot not moving a muscle and dropped his gaze to the floor.

"You're full of shit Shawn!". Emily shouted and left me standing there with Grayson. She took her books and pencils and then left.

"Em...Em!". I shouted after her but she just left without even looking back. I turn to Grayson who is now sitting on the bench with his hands in his face. In second joined him on the bench.

"'re okay?". I asked and pat his shoulder. "Yeah..I'm okay". He says with a sad tone. "I know you like her..I'm sorry". He look at me right in the eyes. He's messed up. His eyes widened.

"How did you-". I cut him off, "The way you look at her, the way you care about're just everything about her. I know you tried to talk to her but you can't. I know everything Grayson. I know everything". He sighs when I said that.

"Is it obvious that I have a crush on her? Does she knows about this?". Grayson hits me up with questions. I calm him down and said, "No...dont worry... and she dont realise that you have a crush on her". He closed his eyes and sighs again.

"Grayson I could help you-". As soon as I said that Grayson stands up and shaking his head saying, "We cant force the feelings Shawn..I'll try my best to forget her".

I'm shocked when he said that cause he cant just give up. I shake my head. I stand up and said, "No man just keep on going with your feelings for her..who knows about what is going to happen next". He smiles and says "Thanks dude..and let's keep this a secret".

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