This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


11. years

10 years later.....2007

Brandon's POV

It's been 10 years and my career as an actor hasn't been going good.I've had no major roles at all,all I've been is a measly extra,Lily will never find me if I keep this up.

At the moment I work at an agency that helps book appointments for movies,and on my free time I audition for roles.The person that sits next to me at work is a famous actor and model and his name is Christian McConnell,at the moment he is in a very popular show for teens.

Teenage girls come in the office to hangout with him everyday and my boss is ok with all this,but every time this happens they dump all his work on me.I know it isn't fair ,but what can I do,I haven't made much money in acting.

Today is my day off and I'm heading off to an audition,maybe this could be my lucky day.This role is for a movie called overrated,and It's about a famous artist,who doesn't know perspective In tell he falls in love.Hopefully this can be my big break.

After the audition that day...

This was a complete waste of time,they didn't accept me either way.What was the word they used to describe me as,oh yes,it was the word talentless.Suddenly it started rain,I have such bad luck today.

Why,does my life suck,why can't god just give me a what what they say,when you hit rock bottom,there's only won way to go and that's up.

Suddenly I see a girl on a bicycle and she was loosing control and before she could hit the ground,I caught her"are you ok,"I say worried.she had long strawberry blonde hair and big beautiful hazel this can't be,who I think it is."Lily...Lily Park is that your name,"I say with a loom of shock."yes,Brandon Peterson,it's me Lily,"she said tearing up.I had no other words,what could I say,only one thing."Lily have you eaten,"I say smiling.she shakes her head no."Let's go then,"I said happily,I help her up and we walk off together in the rain.

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