This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


26. who cares

Brandon's POV

It's morning and I was stunned to see that I had 57 missed calls from Luna,what's wrong with her.Its not like I care about anything anymore,when Lily left,she took my will to live with her.Fuck,I'm crying again,"Lily,I miss you so much,"I said as tears collided down my checks.I want to hate her,but I can't,she was my everything.Suddenly,I hear someone pound the door,I got up and answered it.

When I opened it,I was met with a tear struck Luna in a wedding dress."Fuckyou Brandon,I needed you,and you weren't there.i thought I could call you for a shoulder to cry on,but I was fucking wrong.Go to hell Brandon and I hope you see your little bitch there too,"she yelled."Luna wait,please hear me out,God damnit I can't loose you too,"I cried.

She looked back at me and said"tomorrow is Carlos's funeral,you can come if you want,"she said hysterically crying as she walked away.I stood there in shock,Luna's fiancé died yesterday and I wasn't with her.shes right I deserve to go to hell,I deserve it.

Luna’s POV


I walked home and as I came though the door from work,I was met with Carlos on the floor."Carlos,Carlos,"I cried,but he didn't respond.i quickly dialed 911 and in ten minutes,the ambulance was here.God please save him,please save him.

It wasn't till we came to the hospital that I tried calling Brandon,but he never picked up,he never did."Family of Carlos Medina,"called out the doctor.i slung out the waiting room chair and ran to him"what's wrong with him doctor,"I cried."He looked to the floor and said,"you have to be strong."

When he said those words,I could tell what was coming,was it a surprise,no that day was gonna be here one way or another,but I don't want it to end."how long,"I said tears running out my eyes."You have at most an hour,"he said sadly,I then walked past the doctor and suddenly,I found myself running to his hospital room.

I approach him and he just smiled,"Hi beautiful,I guess this is the end,please don't cry,"he said."Carlos don't say that your gonna be with me,"I cried."Luna,I'm sorry,but I can't,I just wish I would've been able to see you in your wedding dress,"he said tears running down his eyes.

I won't let him die with regrets,I called my neighbor and asked her to bring my wedding dress to the hospital.In twenty minutes I came back to his room dressed in my dress white as snow with my long veil.I played the wedding march on my phone and walked into his hospital room.

I got close to him and he said"beautiful."i tried not to cry and said"do you take me to be your wife.""yes Luna,and do you take me to be your husband,"he said crying."of corse I do,"I cried.I got close to him and he said"I love you,so much,I'll see you in Paradise,"He then wasted his final breath as he kissed me.

He then closed his eyes and the monitor read that he had no heart beat in sight."I'll always remember you,I'll see you in Paradise my love,"I said crying.

Two day's of funeral

I used all the money for the wedding on the funeral and I never knew how much it hurt.Each shovel of dirt being thrown on his casket broke me.I forgive Brandon because he supported me thought my journey of Romance.He told me about that girl leaving and I'll support him as long as he supports me.

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