This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


23. What Luna has

Brandon's POV

I couldn't believe what I was seeing,after two months of not knowing anything of the whereabouts of Luna,she is now sitting on the couch of our house.Not only that,but she's with a guy around her age,could this be the man she fell in love with.I only stood there admiring their presence,it's so emotional to see that your little sister,that you always wanted to protect,has now grown up and has someone else to protect them.

Suddenly,she turned around and noticed I was here,when she saw me ,a tear streamed down her face and she said"welcome home big brother."I found it amusing that she called me "big brother"after all these years,I can't blame her,I've made my mistakes.I walked over to her and said"Sis,where've you been,I've been so worried about you."She looked at me and explained everything,"Brandon in the note I wrote it said I fell in love and I did,this is Carlos Medina and he came here to ask you,dad,and mom something."

I looked at her with a sad look and said"I think that's gonna be a problem,mom and dad say your a disgrace and that your dead to them."She started to cry and Carlos started talking,"Brandon,I love your sister,I would never hurt her,and if I can't have her parents blessing them can I at least have yours."I looked at him clueless and said"what are you talking about."He looked at me and said"can I please have your sister's hand in marriage,I'll make her happy for all the time I have left."

"What do you mean for the time you have left,"I said concerned.He started tearing up,but I continued talking"just tell me god damnit,"I said frustrated."Brandon,I have Terminal brain cancer,I was notified two months ago,that....that I only had,at most four months to live,"Carlos said chocking up.Those words hit me like a ton of bricks,this matter was serious,and yet I wanted to say that I didn't want her to get married to only have a broken heart,but she's my sister,my baby sister and I want her to be happy."My parents would never approve this marriage,"I said.They looked to the floor when I suddenly said"But I'm not my parents,I give you my blessing to marry my little sister,please do me the honor of making her happy,"I said chocking up."Thank you Brandon,I'll make sure to be the perfect husband for her,"he said.

Within one hour they both left and I was left here in my lonesome.All I had on my mind was Lily and Luna,lily finally is my girlfriend and Luna is getting married.So much has happened these past few months.God has such odd humor when it comes to fate,to think I got to be with Lily again.I used to be a mere spectator.when it came to love,but now I'm one of the loved

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