This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


17. time left

Luna's POV

I used to not believe in love,love at first sight was such a thing that only existed in fairy tales.My parents told me ever since I was ten that,the person who married me had to benefit the family.They told me I had to marry someone rich,for even though I wasn't in love with them,I could learn to.

I grew up only focusing on my studies because I wanted to out shine my older brother.My parents supported everything he did,but they chose my every life decision.I've been wanting to leave this hell hole for years,I hoped that someone out there could rescue me from the life of sorrow.

My whole out look on life as well as love completely changed when,I met Carlos,and I won't give up.God just had to make things worse with his illness.I thought he could win the battle with cancer,but today I walked in as they told the tragedy.

Carlos's POV

The doctor walked though the door with bad new,he just stood there in front of me,were the results that bad."Doctor,just tell me,I don't care how bad it it,"I said."Carlos,the tumor in your brain has gotten twice as large,"the doctor said.Don't get me wrong,I try to act tough,but I'm not,I used to have nothing to live for,but one day a nurse walked in and I fell in love with her.Her beauty was just like her name Luna.

I don't want to die,I want to be her boyfriend,I want to get married with Luna,I want to be the father of her children,I want to grow old together.

She's the only one,the only girl who accepted me for my illness.I need to live so that I can love her.

"Doctor what are my options,"I said.""Carlos,I don't think you understand,your tumor is too large,you have no more option's left,"he said.All my life decisions have past though my mind."Doctor how much much time do I have left,"I said."At most you have four months,as we have no other treating options left for you,tomorrow you will be leaving the hospital,"he said.

I looked to the door and Luna was right there,standing as tears fell down her check.The doctor walked out the door and left me and Luna alone.She closed the door and started to cry."Carlos,Carlos,"she said crying in my arms."don't cry Luna,"I said as I started tearing up."Don't tell me not to cry,they just diagnosed your death,"she cried."Luna,all that can be diagnosed now is that I love you,I loved you since the first time you walked though that door,"I said tears falling down my check.

"I love you too,I want to love you for as much time as you have left,"she said crying.I then wiped the tears off her face and gave her a passionate kiss.

Brandon's POV

The next morning I woke up and my parents were crying,"mom dad what's wrong,"I said.They ten handed me a piece of paper,it was a goodbye letter from Luna.

Mom,dad,Brandon I'm sorry I'm doing this,but I have to leave,I left because I fell in love and I know my parents will never accept it,they can't do anything because I'm over aged,never forget I love you all.

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