This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


12. The same

Brandon's POV

As Lily and I walked to the nearest restaurant,I realized she shook because of the cold,she wore no jacket,how careless of her.I took off my Jacket and made her wear it,we then walked into Weekends,a restaurant nearby.

Lily's POV

He's so handsome,even now his black hair and Carmel brown eyes make my heart melt.When we got in the restaurant,he pulled my chair out for me.As we sat down and looked in the menu,Brandon said"I think I'll have the steak and baked potato."All that looked appetizing to me was one thing"I think I'll have the macaroni and cheese,"I said with a smile.He gave me a bit of a chuckle,"what's so funny,"I said."nothing,it's just the macaroni and cheese is on the children's menu,"he said laughing.

Before I could say anything else,the waitress said"what can I get you both today.""I'll have the steak and baked potato and beer and she will be having macaroni and cheese and a coke,"Brandon said."certainly,"said the waitress.

Brandon's POV

When they brought our food,I found that I couldn't keep my eyes off Lily.When she started eating,I smiled."Brandon why are you looking at me that way,"she said.I held her hand against the table and said"Your just so cute,after all these years your the same,just look at the way you eat."Her pale white face turned a bright shade of red and so did mine.

Lily's POV

Brandon hasn't changed much either,but he is more romantic.I don't want to lie to him,but I want to see if he would love me no matter what."Brandon,I have a boyfriend,"I said with a serious expression.I know I'm lying ,but I wanna know if he does really love me.

"Lily,no one can ever like you as I do,if you have a boyfriend then you're gonna either break up with him or cheat on him,because I have no intention of only being your friend,"he said staring strait in my eyes."ok,"I said with a grin."So what are doing these days,"he said."I'm an artist and a writer still in collage,"I said."So your not into acting anymore,because that's my job and I work at the Agency on Elmwood Ave.,"he said with a smile.

As we finished our meals we paid and tipped the waitress.When we walked out side the rain had stoped"can I keep the sweater and return it later,"I said blushing.He smiles and hugged so,so tightly and he whispers in my ear "only if you give me your phone number."I take out my phone and give him my number.

He then hugged me one more time,I could tell he didn't want to let go.When he did,I walked away and as I looked back he stood there and waved goodbye.

I'm never gonna make the same mistake as I did before,I'm never gonna leave him again because fate gave me a second chance .

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