This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


19. The park

Brandon's POV

Love comes with different emotions,sadness can develop,lust is present,but most of all selfishness.A type of selfish that is both beautiful and consensual.The type of selfish where you only want that person to be with you and you won't ever share them.Love has different names,every single language has there own name for love,but the name of my love is Lily.

I woke up the next morning extremely happy,Lily and I are going to hang out at the park,just like the blurred memories of my teenage years.I always wanted this day to come,when I would see her again and we'd go to the park and she'd confess her love to me once again under the cherry blossom tree.

I take a shower and rummaged though my closet to find something wearable.I suddenly look at the clock and see that is 11:30."I'm gonna be fucking late,"I quickly run out the house,not having any time to eat breakfast.When I get to the park I see Lily siting on a bench and she took my breath away.She was wearing a white sundress with pink flowers on it,she looked absolutely breathtaking.

Lily's POV

I'm waiting at the park and Brandon's not here yet,I feel like someone is staring at me ,I look to the left of me and Brandon is looking at me,just standing there like and idiot.I walk over to him and said "stop drooling at my presents Brandon,"he quickly falls out of trance and says"sorry your beauty captivated me,"he said smiling.Before I knew it I was blushing and he then said laughing"your so cute when you blush,"I then say"Wow a Lady waiting for the gentleman,I've never seen that before.""Well I'm not like most gentlemen,"he said grinning,"you got that right,I'm wouldn't be surprised if you told he you were an alien,"I said laughing.

We then chose a peaceful place to sit and eat,and I brought some of my paintings to show Brandon."wow these are amazing Lily,you are to creative,but out of all these works of art your still the loveliest,"he said looking strait into my eyes.Brandon is such a nice guy,but I lied to him,I can't even look him in the eye,because if I do he would see I was crying.

Brandon's POV

Lily won't look me in the eye,is something wrong,did I say something odd."Lily are you ok,"I said worried,she gave me no response.i got on my hands and knees and saw that she was crying.i lifted her head and said"Lily you don't have to cry anymore because I'm here,I'm always gonna be here for you,you don't have to be alone anymore,"I said.She jumped into my arms and cried and said"Brandon I don't what we are,"I didn't either to be honest,she has a boyfriend and it's not right for me to do anything to her,no matter how much I want to.

I then walked her home and told her more about my job,"that sucks you have to do all Christian's work when he hangs out with fans,"she said shocked."yup,it's a pain in the ass,but at least I have you,what more can I ask for,"I said smiling.I then dropped her off at her house and went back home,when I'm with her time flys,but like she said,what are we.

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