This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


27. surprise

Luna's POV

When love is present,everything is beautiful,it's as if you play a record with such beautiful music and you don't want it to stop.There would be times were the record would get a scratch,but that didn't stop the music.Then there is a time when the record brakes,music has stoped and it will never be played again.You pray that even though the record would be so scratched to the point you can barley hear the music,that it could play for much more time to come.However,we were born to only live and die.

"You don't fucking exist,you hear me god,you are a fucking monster,a serpent,you took away the most valuable thing in my life and you left me nothing that is a part of him,I hate you,"I hysterically cried when Brandon took me to the church near his house.It was a good thing that there were no people in sight."Luna don't blame god,there is always a reason for everything he does,"Brandon yelled.

I look back at him and scream"You have no idea about how I feel Brandon."He looks back at me and says"Yes I do."I looked at him and yelled"Then tell me."He walks up to me and says"That girl,that left me,you remember her."I give him a pathetic smirk and say"what about that little bitch.""Don't you ever call her a bitch,she has a name and its Lily,you hear me you fucking brat,"he yells out of anger."Why do you protect her like that,are you fucking retarded,she left you and didn't say anything,she doesn't love you,"I yelled.

"Luna,I met Lily ten years ago,she was just twelve years old,she was the girl I ran over when I was only fifteen and by the time I realized what I felt for her,she was gone and now ten years later,I see her again and we quickly reconnect and became a couple months later,"he said teary eyed."She left you Brandon,"I yelled."you can believe all you want,but I choose to believe that there was a greater reason for this,I tried to cheer you up,but I can't,bye,"He said as he walked away.

On my way home I start feeling nauseous,I've been feeling this way for a week,at least today I'm gonna get a check up.When I opened the door to my apartment I felt the urge to vomit,i run to the bathroom and I did.As I wiped my face I came across a photo of Carlos and said"I miss you so much,you have no idea Carlos,I would do anything to just hear you call me beautiful one last time."

I look at the clock and it read 3:05PM,I quickly gather my things and head to the doctors office.When I got there they did the usual things,checked my blood pressure,urine test,blood test etc.They told me to go home and that later today they'd give me the results.when I picked up the phone an hour later,what I hear shocked me."Luna,the test came back and it turns out that your pregnant,"said my doctor."what,"I said almost dropping my phone."yes,your pregnant,come tomorrow to have an ultrasound,"he said."no there must be a mistake,there's no way I'm...."it then came to the realization what me and Carlos did three weeks ago,when he proposed.

The next day...

"Yes,your about three weeks pregnant,"said the doctor as he showed me a picture from the ultrasound.I walked out and called Brandon."what do you want Luna,"he said sighing."I'm pregnant,your gonna be an uncle,"I said.our conversation last for a hour.I then looked at the mirror in my bedroom and rubbed my stomach,I then looked up and said"Your gonna be a daddy Carlos."

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