This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


15. poem

Lily's POV

I'm waiting on a park bench and I can't stop crying.Suddenly,I see Brandon approach me."Lily why are you crying,"he said very worried."I jumped in Brandon arms and cried and cried.I then told him "My mom doesn't want us together,because she wants me to marry someone rich."

Brandon's POV

She cried and cried ,but I hugged her very tightly,I'm not leaving her alone ever."Lily stop crying,please I want to see the beautiful smile I fell in love with,"I said."Brandon if you loved me then why did you not take me out to eat lunch that one day,I waited for you outside my apartment complex all day,"Lily said crying.That day was supposed to be special,she has the right to know"Lily that day as I was walking to your house,the group of guys I used to hang out with said they were going to hurt you,so I fought them.I didn't stand a chance against five guys,they kick me so hard in the ribs that I got in a three day coma.""You went to the hospital because of me,"she said crying.

"Lily I'm happy I went to the hospital because I was able to realize how I felt and what word to use to describe what I felt.I read a poem at the hospital and it made me realize I loved you,"I said."what poem was it,"she cried.I handed her the book of poems I had and pointed at the one tired "you made realize".

Lily's POV

It was such a true poem,and think it came true,I think I should tell him about my grandmother."Brandon,my grandmother died the same week you were in the hospital and two days later I left to live with my adoptive family,"I cried.He pats me on the head and said "thank you for telling me,but I already knew,the neighbor next door told and I would visit your grandmothers grave every week,"He said smiling."I love you so much,"I cried.""Dummy don't waste you tears on me,a woman's tears are the most precious diamonds they possess.I started to smile and he said "there's that beautiful smile I fell in love with."I began to blush and he laughed ,he then held my hand as he walked me home.

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