This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


16. Little sister

Brandon's POV

I walked Lily and I walked myself home after that.When I had gotten home ,My parents had told me this afternoon they were going on a two week trip.To my surprise my little sister Luna wasn't home yet,could it be she had to work the night sift at the hospital.I feel like an asshole,if it wasn't for me having such a low payed job,Luna would have to work so hard.I wonder,what is Luna doing at the moment.

Luna's POV

I'm working the night shift and it fucking sucks.There's only one thing that gets me going thought the days,the patient in room A233.His name is Carlos Medina,he's 23 years old,and he was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.I don't want to admit it,but I'm in love with Carlos,but my parents would never accept my love for him.

Six months ago...

Luna's POV

I finally have a job as a nurse,it's going to be very hard work,but I'm prepared.They assigned me all my permanent room assistant ,meaning that I would check up on all the patients in these rooms.My first stop is room A233,I walk in the door and see a handsome guy that's around my age laying on the hospital bed. He looked over to me and smiled,"Hey beautiful,"he said.I couldn't help,but feel flustered,but I quickly mange to say"Hi,your Mr.Medina."He gets up from the hospital bed and says"I'd prefer if you called me Carlos."

"Carlos,I'm Luna Peterson and from today on I'll be your permanent nurse,"I said cheerfully."That's great,I can see you every day,Luna,"he said smiling.I blushed and he smiled,"Carlos,I'd prefer if you didn't say those things to me,"I said flustered."Why not,I don't see a ring,"he said as he held my right hand inspecting it.

Six months Later...

I remember the first day we met as if it was yesterday,day by day,I fell in love with him more and more.I walk in Carlos's room and he was having a seizure,"Doctor,Doctor,please it's an emergency,"I yelled.They told me to stay out of the room,why,why can't I be with him.I don't want to loose him,God if your even real,then please let me love a little longer,please.

I walked home crying and when I walked through the door,I jumped in my brother arms and cried"Luna what the fuck happened,why are you crying,"I said confused.I then came clean and told him"I fell in love with a patient at the hospital,"I said."You did what,"he yelled,"you heard me and he was diagnosed with brain cancer and they made me leave,when he was having a seizure,Brandon I don't want him to die,he's my first love,"I cried."Luna it's gonna be ok,don't cry,"Brandon said.I then walked all the way up to my room and fell asleep.

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