This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


22. kiss

Lily's POV

What is love,without a word for it.Is it just a type of emotion that people feel,or is there much more to the meaning of the word.Love is just a word,a word that needs to be supported by actions and emotions to mean something.What are the emotions I'm feeling at the moment,happiness and love.happiness because I'm with Brandon and love because he's kissing me.

As Brandon and I pull away from our kiss,the elevator started to move again.We then look at each other and start uncontrollably laughing.After we get out the elevator,Brandon held my hand in his and whispered in my ear"I love you Lily."Now that I think of it he never really said those exact words to me,thus making them even more special to me.

We ran as fast as we could and we had just made it to be able see the movie.However as we were watching it I kept getting the feeling of being watched.I look at Brandon and he wouldn't stop looking at me.I just ignored him and watched the rest of the movie.

Brandon's POV

I tried to look at the movie,but I couldn't,my eyes were glued to Lily.When the movie ended,she looked at me and smiled,she then said"Brandon that was a cute ending,wasn't it."I look at her with a look of stupidity and said"ummm...ya that was a nice ending.""Brandon your not fooling me,you looked at me the whole time,"Lily said uncontrollably laughing.

Two can play that game,"Was I now,"I said as I kissed Lily's hand.Her face immediately turned bright red and I started uncontrollably laughing.I didn't take note that we were still in the movie theater however.As soon as we knew it we had a crowd of people surrounding us.Suddenly, a Security Guard walked up to us and said "As much as I hate breaking up this little love fest of yours ,i would like you both to leave this establishment,your making a scene,"he yelled.

Lily and I ran out side holding hands and as soon as we walked out,I lifted her in my arms and kissed her.I then set her back on the ground and I walked her home,she was so silent."Lily after all that's happened today,what is our relationship."she gave me no response,I just left it in that note.When we were at her font door she hugged me,"Lily tomorrow at 8A.M,"I said whispering in her ear."what,"she said confused,"tomorrow I'm going to pick you up at 8A.m,"I said smiling."where are we going,"she said,"I'd go anywhere if I was with you,even if that place was hell,"I said.

She kissed me on the check and said "ok.....boyfriend,"as she closed the front door of her house.As I walked home I had a million thoughts in my head.My parents weren't home because they had to go on a business trip.As I opened my door to my surprise,I saw Luna and a guy around her age siting next to her on the couch.

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