This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


14. hurt

One month later...

Brandon's POV

Hurt,a word used for many reasons,because you experienced an Injury or a tragedy.No Injury that can be fixed,can be compared to a tragedy.I never thought tragedy could be fixed in tell our paths crossed again.I'm never going to let her go because there is only one way to fix a tragedy and that's love.

It's now been a month since Lily and I have crossed paths again in the span of 10 years.I now have something to wake up to every morning,that can bring me joy,thanks to her.I call her twice a day and I pick her up everyday from school,but that time goes by fast when ever I'm there with Lily.

I'm at the gate of her collage,and I see her walking toward me.Suddenly I see her fall and I run as fast as I can to her."Lily are you alright,"I say with a worried expression."yes,I'm fine,don't worry about me,"she said with a smile.I look down at her knee where I realized she scraped it,"your bleeding,"I say worried."It's just a little scrap,"she said laughing."I don't care,you stay here,I'm gonna go buy a disinfectant and bandages,"I say as I run.

Lily's POV

Brandon over reacts to much,he's such a nice guy,he even walked me home.As I walked though the door,my mother ran up to me and started yelling"Your hanging out with that dead beat.""Don't call him that,I've known him longer then I have known you,so shut the fuck up,"I yell.She slaps me a cross the face and says"Don't talk to me that way,I'm your mother.""your not my mother because you adopted me,stop trying to make my decisions,"I yell."you are going to do as I say because you live in this house,you are going to marry Christopher Bishop the wealthy young man that attends your collage and that's that,"she yelled."Your husband died,if you like Christopher that much,then why don't you marry him,"I yell as I ran upstairs and slammed my bedroom door.

She only wants me to marry someone with money,I'm not someone you can win over with money.Brandon won me over when we were children,our love was so pure and innocent back then,I want to get those times back.suddenly my phone rings and it's Brandon.I began to cry and answered the phone,"Brandon,please come I need you,I want you,please come,"I cried.

Brandon's POV

She quickly hung up and she gave me no time to say anything,It's such a bad feeling to hear the girl you loving crying and not being able to do anything,what can I do.Look at the book of poetry on my desk.I have had it since I was 15,I grabbed the book and ran out the house.Im going to tell her everything I've wanted to say for the last 10 years.

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