This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


37. her voice

Brandon's POV

Her voice,as sweet as honey and as gentle as her touch.The voice of hers that will forever be burned in my mind.The voice that I fell in love with,because of the charming words that came with it.Her voice that changed me for the good and the better.Tell me how can I ever forget it,I'm gonna tell you this loud and clear,I will never forget her,I cant forget anything about her.

I was my kitchen watching the clock,just wondering how time flies.To think it's been ten years without her,but it's funny to think,that it was like yesterday when we met.Remembering that adorable little girl,who easily got flustered,makes me laugh,but then I notice she's gone.I then realize what I did yesterday,I was complete asshole to Bella,but I can't stand her,when will she get it,why can't she just be okay with just being friends.

Suddenly,I get a text from James...

James:hey,I'm outside

Brandon:why are you outside

James:for the love of God you have a photo shoot today for that new tv show your in,get your ass out here in 10

Brandon:ok mom

James:what did you just say!!!

I quickly ran outside,I don't have time to explain myself,every word that will come out of my mouth would just be a lame excuse,just to hide the fact that I was so busy thinking about lily to remember about the photo shoot.As i got to the bottom of the stairs,I saw James' angry expression."It took you long enough,get in the damn car we only have 15 minutes to get there,"he yelled as I panted.As we got to the studio,James quickly rushed me inside and I was quickly sent to hair and makeup.

3 hours later...

Lily's POV

I still had so much to write from all the things Brandon told me yesterday,I spent the whole night typing,only taking one 10 minute nap,and still I wasn't even done with half of the first three chapters.Hours later when I finally managed to finish,I realized the book didn't even have a title.I had no other choice,but to call Brandon,I just hope he wasn't busy.

Brandon's POV

I was in the car looking out the window,as my chauffeur drove me home,James of course was also in the car,I guess he was still a bit mad at me because I haven't heard a peep out of him.Suddenly,my phone starts ringing and as I saw the contact name GHOST WRITER I smiled and quickly answered."Hello,Mr.Peterson,"I heard a very familiar voice say over the phone.It can't be,that's Lily's voice,how is this possible."Hello,is anyone there,"the voice continued.I quickly fall out of trace and say"sorry I was daydreaming,so Delilah how's the book coming.""it's going great I just finish the first three chapters with the information you gave me,but I just realized something,the book doesn't have a title,so I was thinking maybe it should be called(this is my love)because not all love is the same and your love is your love,right"she nervously said.That nervous shaky voice,it sounds just like Lily's."ya that's a great title,"I said.

"Really,thanks for hearing me out,also when are you gonna send me you next voice message,"she said timidly over the phone."tonight,"I said waiting for her to continue."perfect,I have to go,"she said."wait,"I said,but it would have seemed that I was to late,she had already hung up.

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