This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


24. gone

Lily's POV

I'm walking in a beautiful meadow of flowers,where all of the care of the world was gone,all my worries,sadness,and problems were truly gone.As I walk though the meadow,Brandon appears and smiles,I run to him.

When suddenly,darkness surrounded Brandon and as tears began to shed from his eyes he said"I'm gone,never forget,I love you."He then began to whimper in pain,"Brandon,Brandon,what's wrong,"I cried.I tried to run,but my legs failed to do so,I stood there as my Brandon was being tortured as he was surrounded by darkness.Suddenly a voice said"it's all over now."I looked around and the darkness was gone,but so was Brandon.

It was the same meadow,but if I didn't have Brandon to share it with then what was the point."no,give him back,this isn't what I wanted,"I screamed.i heard uncontrollable laughter that was quite sinister,all around me.

Suddenly,I woke up in a cold sweat,it had been all a dream,a terrible dream.I look over to the clock as it read 6:28A.M."To think yesterday I woke up with nothing,but a plan and now today I wake up with a boyfriend,"I said to myself.Brandon said he was going to pick me up at 8:00,but why all the mystery,he wouldn't even tell me where we're going.

Who cares,all I know is,that my dreams as a pure,bliss child were now going to come to reality.I can't wait for mine and Brandon's first official date and a couple.

Brandon's POV

My alarm woke me up at 7:00 and I quickly got up and rushed to the shower.Today I'm more energetic that most days,can it be because of this milestone between Lily and I.after my shower,I quickly get out and rummaged though my closet.As I got dressed,I got an email from Lily.

"Good morning sweetie,hope you had a good nights rest,cant wait for our day of bliss and fun.-XOXO Lily"

I smiled as soon as I read it,I know what she sent me was kinda cheesy,but I can't help how cute she is.After staring at the phone for a minute I put it on my dresser and quickly brushed my teeth, applied deodorant,and Cologne.I then ran out of the house completely forgetting about breakfast.

Lily's adoptive mother's POV

Lily walked out of her room,as to which I said"going someone.""Nowhere that concerns you gold digger,"she said looking me strait in the eyes."don't you talk to me that way,you ungrateful brat,"I said as I tried to slap her,but I was unable to because she grabbed my hand."don't you even dare,you shallow bitch,"she said as she pushed me and walked out the door.

Lily may not know it,but one way or another,I will make her do as I say.I've had this plan in the works,ever since she started hanging out with that deadbeat.I'll let her have her fun for today,but who know about tomorrow.

Lily's POV

I don't want to be mean to my adoptive mother,but what other choice do I have.She only cares about money,I just hope one day,she will comprehend that I'm not just something to use as she pleases,but her daughter.

Suddenly,I see Brandon running toward my house,I run to him and give him a peck on the lips and said"where are we going Brandon."He smiled and said"the park."I love his smile,if I could look at it for hours,I would.I then held his hand and said"what are we waiting for,let's go."We then walked to the park not once breaking the link of are hands.

Brandon's POV

As we got to the park,Lily's eyes lit up and she said"what a blast from the past.""what do you mean Lily,"I said very confused ."don't you remember dummy,i confessed my love for you when we were younger at a park,that looked a lot like this,"she said smiling.I then instantly remember and said"I was so clueless then,I didn't even get what you were trying to say."She looked at me and said"The past doesn't matter,what matters is now and the future, come on,let's have fun."

Suddenly,her stomach started to rumble and she turned red with embarrassment."your so cute,but honestly,don't be shy to tell me your hungry,"I said rubbing her head playfully.Now that I think of it,I haven't eaten either.We looked around and all we found was a crêpe stand.We walked around,admiring the scenery as we enjoyed our crêpes.

We suddenly came across a duck pond and she said"their so cute Brandon."I'm so happy that the things we couldn't do in the past,we are doing now.I never would have thought in a million years that I would ever see Lily again, coincidences are so funny sometimes.

Lily's POV

I'm having such a great time,but I'm curious about Brandon's acting career.i tugged on his shirt and said"how's your acting career going."He them smiled and said"now that you mention it,I was offered a part in a tv show series yesterday,hopefully this can be my big break,so that we can start our life together."I couldn't help ,but blush,without hesitation I started looking down.Suddenly,Brandon Lifted my chin and said"I love you Lily,never forget it."He then gave me a long passionate kiss.

We then saw a bridge at the duck pound"race you there,"I said playfully.he smiled and said "your on."we then ran to the bridge and I actually made it there first."you little cheater,"He said as he lifted me in his arms.We then both started Laughing ,but he soon stopped as he examined my right hand.

Brandon's POV

There a diamond ring on Lily's right hand ring finger,I instantly let anger take advantage of me."Did he give this to you,"I yelled."what are you talking about,"she said."He gave you this ring,"I yelled.she quickly looked at the ring and looked back at me.I then took the ring off her finger and threw it in the water.She then looked at me and said"Are you happy now,that ring was the only thing my mother left me."it then came to my realization what I had just done and I jumped into the water."Brandon,are you crazy,"she yelled."it your ring,I'm going to get it back,"I said.

After twenty minutes of searching,I finally found the ring,as I dragged myself out of the water and onto the grass,Lily quickly came up to me and said very worried"your soaking wet,I'm gonna go get some towels."I got the instinct that she was going to leave me, i instinctually grabbed her hand and said"you have to come back,please come back.""of corse I will,"she said as she kissed me.She then left and I forgot to give her,her ring,I waited and I waited,but she never came back,I waited in tell it was midnight and I then walked all the way,back home,wondering what I had done wrong.

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