This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


20. fan

Lily's POV

Brandon dropped me off at my house and I could help,but feel bad at the fact he had to do someone else's work a lot of the time,which is why I have a plan.I'm gonna make a sign that says marry me Brandon and I'm gonna act like a groupie at his work place.Apart from the fact he won't have to do some else's work,I get to spend more time with him.

I walked to the nearest 99 cents store,and buy markers and a big pink poster.I then walk home and initiate my plan,he will be so surprised when I get there,he won't know what hit him.

Brandon's POV

I'm at work and I just know by any time,Christian's fans are gonna come bye to hang out with him.Fuck what bad luck I have they are here,they all are screaming his name,suddenly,I hear someone cheer my name.I look over and I see lily and she's holding a sign that says"Marry me Brandon"and she keeps cheering"I love you Brandon,come hang out,your so hot,come out,"I had to try to contain my laughter,she's interesting.

Suddenly,Christian whispers in my ear,"follow me,"I roll my eyes and follow him to the back room,we were all alone."Hey Brandon who's that babe out there cheering for you,"he said breaking the silence."That's Lily,"I say grinding my teeth together at disapproval."Dude she's totally my type,"he said."I thought you only date celebrities,"I said trying to hold in my anger.

"I'm over that crap,I'm gonna go ask lily out,no hard feelings loser,"he said laughing at me.i had it with this nonsense,I pushed Christian and pinned him to the wall and yelled"Listen asshole me and lily have been together for 10 years,and your not going to change shit,I won't hesitate to break that pretty little face of yours,got it."he nodded his head approval and ran out the back room to hang out with his fans.

I walk outside and Lily says"took you long enough,I guess my plan worked.""What plan,"I said confused,"I wanted to see you so I acted like a fan,"she said smiling.We then walked to a restaurant and ate and then I told her about what happened to my sister Luna."wow,she had massive balls to leave like that,"she said shocked."ya,I just hope the guy actually love her with all his heart,"I said."I'm sure he does Brandon,"she said comforting me.

We walked back to my work place and I could help,but think about what Christian was gonna do,so I ask her the question."did you break up with your boyfriend already,"I said with a hard face.

Lily's POV

I was so shocked by what Brandon said that I just said"I.....I.....I....ummm,"I couldn't really talk,I was so flustered about what he said,I just can't stand the fact that I lied to him because one lie brings many lies.As soon as I couldn't respond he pins me against a nearby wall,he was being so aggressive with me,he's never done that before,but why do I like it."Lily you say you love me,but you didn't break up with you boyfriend,I know this sounds selfish ,but I want you to be mine and mine alone,"he said with a serious expression.

You could cut this tension with a knife,I don't know what to say to Brandon because I lied and every single word that's gonna come out of my mouth is also gonna be a lie."Brandon,It's complicated,"I manage to say."Lily what are we,because I don't have a god damn clue,"he said looking me right in the eyes.I dont know why I like that he's acting like this,do I like it when he acts like a bad boy.

"Lily go on a date with me ,I want to make this work,"he said serious."Ok then,let's go on a date,how about we go watch a movie,there's a movie I want to see it's called Juno and there's a showing at 9:30,"I said."sounds great,do you want me to pick you up or do you want to meet there,"he said still pinning my arms the the wall."I'll meet you there,but now that's this is settled and you stop pinning me to the wall.He blushes and stoped pinning me and then he said"sorry I don't know what came over me."He then Hugs me and drops me off at my house,I can't wait for this date.

Brandon's POV

I walked back to work and to my surprise my manager was waiting for me with a folder in his hands."hi Brandon,Christian didn't want this part,so I thought you could audition,"my manager said smiling."It depends what kind of part is it and for what,"I said curious."It's for a new romantic show series called"Years"and it's in the point of view if a girl,who falls in love with a boy,only to soon get separated,but 15 years later they bump into each on the street and fall in love with each other at first sight.Your going to be audition for the part of the boy she falls in love with,even though it's not the lead in this case,it's still a very descent part,"he said."sure I'll go,but when's the audition,"I said."it's next Friday,I hope you could make it,"he said."Yes I can,thanks for the opportunity,"I said.My manager then walked away and I was so happy.

I finally get to go on a date with Lily and I get to audition for a part that makes total sense to me.Its happened to before with Lily,but never will I let that happen.

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