This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


10. Acting

Six months later....

Brandon's POV

"No,no,no,play the part with emotion,what the fuck are you, a robot,"said my acting coach Mr.dean."I just don't get the concept,who in the fucks name would cry because an insult,"I say angered."You are reciting the part of the script where the boy can't take the bullying because of his homosexuality anymore,"said Mr.Dean frustrated.

"Mr.Dean I'm not gay,"I say confused."This is acting Brandon,the addition is tomorrow,they Accepted your headshots,you have the good looks for the lead,"said Mr.Dean."I don't get it though,"I say clenching my hands."Brandon,you have been an extra for 50 movie productions,this is your big chance,If you don't get it though your perspective,then interpret it though someone else's,"he said.

All that came though my mind was Lily,I remembered how she cried when someone would insult her,the very idea of her having no one to console her,let alone brings be to the break of tears."Brandon once more,but this time give it all you got,"he said.

I then started to recite my lines with the thought of Lily in my mind."stop,what did I ever do to you,if I did something then tell me,go ahead and you can keep calling me these god damn names,but this won't help you feel better,you just do this to forget that your in the same boat as me,"I said emotionally as I recited the lines from the script."That was wonderful,but in the script it says you have to cry,"Mr.dean said.

The next day at the audition I didn't cry during that scene so I didn't get the part.This is my first audition and it was a failure,but there are many other parts to play out there,so I won't give up.Its now been six months since Lily left without a word,her laugh and smile still in my memory,as if it had just happened yesterday.

The very truth is the hardest part isn't letting someone go,it's learning how to live without them.If people knew how good of an actor I really was in every day life.It's kind of funny how a smile can hide so much pain and suffering someone has.Lily hide her pain with smiles and it makes me remember something she told a while back.If you have nothing else you can do about it,then smile.

I will always smile,so that people can smile to.Lily is gone for now,but who knows what the future Holds.

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