The girl

a girl goes into 7th grade when she ends up getting lost in depression and it gets bad but it all changes by one person.


3. The Take Over

             It had been three months and yet rumors went around people whispered in the halls I still got texts but I had Rose she always helped me and cheered me up she seen the real me and didn't believe what people were saying I had a crush on Rose I had all year. She liked me too so we started to date I was so happy whenever this happened i felt complete but then the bullying kept going and getting worse I couldn't take it anymore that day at school I seemed lifeless nobody really noticed because I got good at hiding that day I kept thinking on and off about how I could make this better the only thing that came to mind was end it all so when I got home that day I went straight to my room I closed the door and I paced back and forth as my phone kept ringing and ringing of Rose trying to get a hold of me and telling me I  wasn't myself that day. I just sat in my room all night and thought then I had to get in the shower, I went into my moms and stared into the mirror I didn't know what else to do I started to cry as I grabbed the pills and poured them in my hand. Rose texted me saying how much she loved me then I just kept crying and stared into the mirror then the pills i made the decision without even thinking twice I ended up........

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